What’s in Store for the Church 2014

I’m on safe ground saying that major international and national changes will force the Christian Church into new positions. About 1 billion (that’s a B) will join the company of believers, mainly Hispanic and Asians. I don’t say this just of myself. This word has been around for several months. In fact all the well-known prophets have good news about evangelism and a final harvest. They are bully on 2014 and the Church. Prepare to see many non-English speaking folks show up at your worship services.

For non-believers however, the news is not good. Nations and individuals who have scoffed at God’s will soon face some embarrassing moments, wars, crises, and financial woe. Some of this will be so embarrassing it will not make the main news!

Some major figures will be caught with their political pants down. People who thought they could sit on the fence will find their position shaky and forced to take sides. Elected leaders who thought they were secure will learn otherwise.

Churches and individuals who continue to negate God’s word and support non-Christian positions and causes will see congregations shrink, as in fact has been happening some time now. We often fail to see small incremental changes until they are in our face. I am reminded of the scripture “The valley of Decision” which is where we are now. It is not the end of time however; life will go on. There is always gloom and doom for those who live outside the moral law, but for the rest, a positive look ahead.

America will get stronger and the Middle East will become weaker. Many broken families will be reunited.

This is what I have gleaned from reading and hearing the many prophecies that are given online and in person. Christian leaders are all saying about the same thing. For you, the reader, it is an opportunity to look to your own 2014 agenda, review the past for things you neglected to make right, and make the changes you need to line up with the positive.

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