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Blogging 101 – Assignment 1

My assignment in this blogging course is to introduce myself to my readers and share why I am writing, what I write about, and why it is public information.

First, prophets have warned the Church (not an individual group but all of God’s people) that 1 billion (with a B) new souls will join God’s company in the next few years. Second, the churches in the USA and across the world are losing members and not feeding or guiding their flocks. 30% of all believers do not attend a church.

Third, I know what new converts are missing – the information and counsel about what God both says and what He means.

It is public because that billion-member group will wander around without instruction. There is no larger school than the internet and it is already overflowing with false teaching about God, life and death. These are the essential questions of life and must be answered. Of course, not answered all at once.

Understanding the Kingdom of God is like your savings account – you gain by accrual. Learn a little bit every day, add to your knowledge, increase your spirituality and become settled and mature in your faith. (It is a walk with God, not a sprint or a 100 yard dash.)

All that here? Hopefully, over a period of time, yes. You can set up a “follow” routine for this blog. You may not need or want to know everything said here, but eventually all this information will become relevant.

I have only one parameter – God’s word, that is the Bible and his modern-day prophets. Join the conversation.

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