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Blogging 101 – My Perfect Reader

Today’s assignment is to describe my perfect reader. Back in 1989 I wrote a very short book. Then, and now I’ve had no resources to publish and market it. Clearly no author thinks only of one without the other – the purpose of writing is to be read! This book describes in simple and clear terms the relationship of demons to humans, how they get in, why they stay, and how to get rid of them. THE Bible calls this deliverance; exorcism is not the correct word.

Editors have pretty much told me no one wants to know, and therefore they wouldn’t be able to sell the book. And they may be right. I’ve given this book as 37 typewritten pages to serious Christians who had some serious issues and they ignored it. One woman this week is headed to surgery who still has forgiveness issues. Another man, who left the homosexual life, still has the rascals hanging on, hiding until a weak moment under stress can lure him back.

Cain was warned – sin crouches at the door.

Nevertheless, truth will out. I don’t know when. It takes a great faith to believe God for the spiritual world; the natural world is convenient, and psychology has perfected alibis so thoroughly that virtually every demon can can wished away by the weak believer. Pastors see real spiritual truth a threat to the bottom line, and they are probably right about that too.

But – if you The Editor are out there – it is a small book and it paves the way for a life of holiness. People may not think holiness means a lot, but the time will come when Christians will wish they had more of it.

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