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Assumptions, Lies, False Expectations & Stereotypes about God

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Assumptions, also called false expectations, may be worse than lies.  At least with lies you can someday recognize them and fight them head on but assumptions and stereotypes can go undetected for a long time, even when they are challenged.

I’ve spent most of my lifetime dodging assumptions.  When I moved into Evergreen Center one woman introduced herself as I sat at the public computer, and after I identified myself as a retired missionary she said without hesitation, “I hate missionaries.”

What upset me was that she assumed that a missionary was a cartoon character, a stereotype.  I doubt she had ever met or talked to a missionary.  Maybe she thought I worked with headhunters in Borneo?  I never learned.  She finally left to join s group of over 55 hippies in a soho area of Big D (Dallas.)  I did not miss her.  I don’t think anyone did.  When you approach people with the word hate, and she was blunt with most others, you lose a lot of ground.  It was a wall that kept her protected from the truth about others, and more importantly the truth about herself.  (more…)

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