Can You Really Separate the Two?

Many more voices are now verifying the fact that when Christians say homosexuality is a sin it is not personal to them. It is no more personal than a doctor saying you have cancer. It is a true diagnosis, and in the case of sin, homosexuality is diagnosed a sin.

There is no real phobia in what is wrongly called homophobia. No one really is afraid of (phobia) homosexuals. Perhaps better stated – afraid for. No one thinks ill of a drunk or a pedophile, after all it is just a sin, but we hope and pray they do no evil in public, or create another victim. We only say that their behavior is in total opposition to God, and has no place either in the Church or in heaven.

An old Negro spiritual says, Everybody talkin’ about heaven ain’t guawn there. No one is a Christian because he or she says so. The Christian person is a creation of his faith which a direct result of an interaction with God. The fruit of a relationship is the Christian not the mere discussion of it.


It seems like everyone is crying about it these days. Especially the atheists. Some people bang it like a cheap drum. It’s the tired battle cry of separation of church and state.

The original intent was to keep the state out of the church. The individual should be able to believe and worship as he sees fit without government intrusion. Unless, of course, you want to slaughter babies. Baby slaughter is unacceptable in all circumstances unless the baby is preborn. I only wish that was a bad joke, but abortion is big business.

The First Amendment is also supposed to be a safeguard against state-sponsored religion. The mere thought of that makes me shudder. As a Christian, I believe that Christian values are beneficial to society, but we have seen time and again that the government can wreck even the best of intentions. The government has a knack of turning…

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