Opposing God

Christians will need to take a stand. I wish I had written this myself. Good stuff.


I was reading a Franklin Graham post on Facebook when I was reminded of the dark times we live in. The subject of the post was concerning the legalization of homosexual marriage in Ireland. We all know (whether you admit it or suppress it) that God defined marriage between one man and one woman. We can force a square peg through a round hole and “redefine” anything we wish. But that doesn’t make it true.

I enjoy reading peoples’ responses on Facebook. Sometimes you read something poignant, but most of the time it’s thoughtless bumper sticker rhetoric. ”Don’t Judge” is one of the most popular remarks. I can understand that coming from a pagan, but professing Christians say it too. It seems to escape these people that they are guilty of judgment when they tell people not to judge. But to have so-called Christians disregarding scripture? Is this the New…

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