Unborn Again

Yes, too many people believing that salvation is what they think it is.


I was listening to Paul Washer today when I was reminded that Christianity isn’t about morality or being a good person. This is oftentimes the message that unbelievers hear. A common belief is that God is loving; therefore, He will overlook my sins because overall I’m a pretty good person. After all, I’ve never killed anyone. I even help old ladies across the street. But the truth is that I’m not good. It doesn’t matter what I do. It is impossible for my good works to overcome my bad ones.

In reality, I have no good in me apart from Jesus. Yet people despise the godman and attempt to earn their own salvation. When we get caught up in religion, we are no more saved than the unregenerate.

Paul Washer had an analogy that clarified this. Suppose a preacher went to visit a member of his congregation at his house…

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