Please stop trying to make church cool

Trying to bring God down to earth sometimes comes off as merely bringing Him down.

Homekeeping Adventures

I’ve had these thoughts for a while now, but it was a local church’s marquee signboard that really pushed me over the edge and fueled this rant post (something I rarely write). There is a church around here with a handmade signboard they change every few months to advertise their church. I’ve never seen them have a slogan that wasn’t cheesy, but last couple have been downright tacky. A few months ago the sign used graffiti-type painting to tell us all about SWAG: Saved with Awesome Grace. Really? I mean, I hate the term “swag” anyway because it just seems like a slap in the face to the English language, but really, church, the best advert you can come up with for the Gospel message is a SWAG acronym?

But the new one they put up a week ago is far worse. It’s a word cloud of Christian-ese words and…

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