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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015

cropped-2keys.jpegSince my regular posts stopped in April, you should know I have neglected you because my computer died, I lived in 4 houses, 1 motel, travelled across the country twice, moved from Texas to North Carolina mountains, bought a condo which was withdrawn from the market one week before closing, threatened by a litigious woman who already had 22 lawsuits pending (it’s about money), had a job for which I was never paid, been in surgery 5 times, the ER thrice, Urgent Care 4 times. My best friend offered to drive me home and promptly had a stroke while she was driving on 10 lane Geo Bush Turnpike in Texas. I bought a low mileage car which broke down after 5 days, I lost my voice which is returning, 11 pounds which hopefully won’t, moved into a tiny apartment filled with mold and dust mites, and no one has died. My daughter has brain cancer.

BUT in all this I had an epiphany. I realized that I, unlike most writers, had studied 6 foreign languages plus enough English to call myself a Grammar Nazi. Now I am going to use my new computer to write books on “exegetical hermeneutics” fully expecting my heirs to reap the profits, if any.

Next year I’ll be back full time.

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