The Bathroom Bill and Auschwitz

The Nazis knew that Jews were taught to be modest, and that to be naked in public was a sign of shame.  Consequently the prisoners taken to the death camps were required to remove all their clothes in public in front of men especially but also in front of the opposite sex.  The purpose was to keep them docile and submitted.  It worked. I saw all this in a PBS documentary “Swimming in Auschwitz.”

Leap forward 50 years to the United States of America where radicals have purposed to create a whole new culture, to change the American lifestyle from freedom from fear to one of caution, fear and withdrawal – and submission.

The Bathroom bill is a public law in many areas of the country including such heavily LGBT places as Houston, Texas.  The bill requires women especially, but also other modest people and children to risk being seen by strangers of the opposite sex in a traditionally private place.  This has created a whole new social problem where public behavior is restrained from some shopping and other public events for fear of exposure and possibly attacks by people who look to be one gender but claim, without proof, to be another.

water closet and bidet

water closet and bidet

This bill is but one more attempt to make the Americans as docile as possible. But will it work?  It certainly has made many very angry, and increased interest in the Presidential election. But do the Transgender folks know they are being used? I rather doubt it. The Jews swept up into cattle cars never envisioned the gas chambers and ovens where they would lose their lives as well as their societies in Europe.

Netanyahu of Israel said recently that the Jews in Europe went like sheep to the slaughter.  He also said, We will never do that again.  His promise to his nation is to not give up one inch of Israel to anyone for any reason.  And the voters continue to elect him so his nation agrees.

Will America do that?


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