What the Bible says about tattoos

I wish people would take God seriously. His ideas are not off the wall. When He started all this earth, man, universe stuff he knew the scientific basis for His warnings.tattoos-691901__180
Tattooing damages your DNA. It could mean birth defects. Do you really want this?

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  1. Your scripture quotes re tattoos and balding in the Old Testament bring to my mind a basic question re interpretation: “And is this meant to be Descriptive or Prescriptive?” (Regarding all time and place and cultures, or specific to that particular context?)

    Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2016 09:06:48 +0000 To: mjeellsworth2@gmail.com

    • In my coming book I shred the whole notion of context as being meaningless and irrelevant. Since the word of God is eternal, there is no context possible, because context is time bound, that is time specific. The only context that can ever be applied is the one He is speaking to you in your immediate situation.

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