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What the Bible says about Women being Drafted for Military Service

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You probably didn’t know that in January 2013, then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta directed the military services to review policies with the goal of integrating women into all combat roles by January 2016. On December 3, 2015, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter confirmed the decision without exception, and directed that all gender-based requirements for military service be removed by January 3, 2016. This order came despite military evaluations that raised concerns on this issue.

The decision to allow women to serve in all combat units has sparked a debate on whether women should be required to register for the Selective Service, making them eligible for conscription if Congress reinstates the draft for future military needs. (source Heritage)

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Since there was no such thing as a “draft” in Bible times we can’t answer that specific question, but there is a good bit about warfare, in fact the whole Bible and especially the Old Testament is about war. And it involves both men and women.

That war is between Good and Evil.  The enemy combatants are described in great detail.  Satan, the father of lies (John 8:44) on which all evil is based came to steal, kill and destroy.  Us. We are all called to take that war on, in other words, there is no volunteer war.  But God did want his troops to be volunteers.

The greatest soldier of all, later-to-be-King David showed up out of nowhere and volunteered to kill the giant Goliath with two strokes; the 1st was to knock him senseless in the head; the second was to cut off his head with his own sword.  Just like our modern troops, there were scoffers and mockers who made fun of him and tried to stop him.

So the first conclusion is that there should be no draft.  Most military men understand why a draft is self-defeating.  Unwilling soldiers are hard to control and direct, and when in battle men will naturally try to protect the women in the company.  In one instance Gideon (Judges 7:7) had too many volunteers and God sent some home!

In modern times no sensible commander will put an unwilling person in charge of a multi-million dollar machine, computer, aircraft or any part thereof.  The modern army is way too sophisticated for draftees, whether men or women.

In the Bible many women took part directly in wars. The judge Deborah went to war with a fellow Israelite named of all things, Barak, and Jael, another woman who murdered an enemy in his bed.  (See Judges 5)

But what is important is that all are called to fight the devil and his deceptions.  The fact that most Christians appear to be AWOL in this generation does not change God’s purpose and plan for his people.

P.S. I have another post about suicide in the military. https://wouldyouconsider.net/2017/09/15/why-soldier-suicide-culture-clash/

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