Gun-free zones empower mass murder

What will it take to get people’s head straight on this?

Reformed Musings

In When Seconds Count: Stopping Active Killers, Cincinnati, Ohio, TV station WCPO researched stories on what law enforcement circles call “active shooters”, or more appropriately, “active killers”. These are low-lifes like the Columbine and Virginia Tech murderers who kill premeditatedly, quickly, and determinedly, without hesitation or remorse. At Columbine, the murderers killed the last 15 out of 35 students while the SWAT team stood outside getting their act together. Police around the country struggled to adapt their response tactics. I’ve been following the developments in the trade magazines with interest.

Then at Virginia Tech, the murderer killed 30 before the police reacted decisively. The highly-tauted new tactics proved of no avail. Time to revamp the tactics again. But it won’t matter. The only successful way to interrupt an active killer, or to deter one, is to have armed citizens at the scene at the start of the attack. This…

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