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Who Voted for Trump & Why You Need not be Surprised

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For millions of Americans the vote last night was not a surprise.  Here is a list of Trump’s supporters.donald-trump-1332922__180

Some people are shocked, I say shocked, that anyone would vote for Trump. Here is a list of the people voting for Trump

All the friends and family of the Benghazi victims murdered by terrorists who had openly planned this, who were left unprotected, deliberately by handy troops, and then lied to about a video causing this, when this was the anniversary of 9/11and anticipated.

All the troops who had immediate and easy access to save the Benghazi group.

All the Chaplains in the armed services who were forbidden to pray in Jesus name and many other restrictions from the White House on their faith and their freedom of religion.

All the American who know of all these unconstitutional moves against private citizens required to violate their faith or face censure of even loss of a job.

All the groups, esp. Catholic hospitals required to support abortions and sex change operations or lose their opportunity to keep the hospital open, their staff and the many thousands who rely on these hospitals., esp. in Latino neighborhoods.

All the businesses who had to close because they could not meet one of the 23,000+ regulations of the EPA.

All the faithful democrat coal miners told the Democratic Party planned to end use of coal in this country.

All the workers put out of a job by their manufacturing company going to Taiwan or Mexico.

All the 20-somethings living in mommy and daddy’s basement doing video games for 7 years.

All the investors in General Motors who lost the value of their stock in order to save corporate buddies of a group of Congressmen.

All the women and their families who were seduced by Bill Clinton and then lied about by his wife, and the Media.

All the timbermen in the Northwest who lost their jobs because wood was not being sold to American companies but going to companies on the Pacific Rim.

All the people who can’t sleep over an additional 7 trillion in debt.

All the people who can’t afford a used car because of Cash for Clunkers program.

All the Hispanic workers who were hurt or even murdered by the selling of arms to Mexican Drug Lords.

All the workers who lost their jobs after the Solyndra and other boondoggle companies met their expected early death.

All victims of illegal-caused crime in Sanctuary Cities.

All the victims and residents of the border who know that deportation means that illegals will be put out in the street on the American side and told to go home on their own steam. Yeah right!

All the property owners on the border who must clean up the mess, crime and dead bodies of animals and people by those who use their land as passageway.

All the residents of border towns who must deal with the unground tunnels disgorging drugs and coyotes bringing in anything illegal they can, terrorists, ammo, bombs, sex trafficking etc. without any known supervision or legal control by the federal authorities.

All the young people trying to survive on 2 ½ part time jobs with no benefits to speak of, no future, no way to buy a house, have a baby, buy a car or finish their education.

All those Republicans who were told their Congress would support an end to Obamacare.

All the black Democrats who thought they’d have a job, maybe even a home with a black president.

All those Hispanics who lost their jobs to Dream teenagers who work off the books, who see the illegals crowd their underfunded schools, fill the hospitals with new cases and new diseases, and hike up the crime rate in the city barrios while legal family petitioners go to the back of the line.

All the Space astronauts who had their prized projects turned over to foreigners.

All the people burdened under grinding tax loads and the specter of 18,000 new IRS brown shirts to collect them.

94 million either out of work or grossly under-working while the poohbahs lie about 5% unemployment.  That 94 million needs to show up at the Employment Security Offices.

All the veterans.

All the Bernie Sanders people who thought if they played fair they’d have a shot at their candidate getting past the Good Ole Boys of the Democrat Party.  Surprise!

All the people who have recently switched their party affiliation from Republican or Democrat to “No Party or Independent.”  In many areas a clear 1/3rd.

All the people working on the Keystone Pipeline.

All the people spending 5, 10, 25% more on groceries and utilities because former head of the U.S. Fed, Alan Greenspan, put it simply: “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.”

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