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Integrity – Definition

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This is a word not often used in today’s speech. We prefer words such as honesty, truthfulness, reliability, or consistency. Perhaps we need to know more about this word.

Consider the submarine. After construction in the shipyard it is taken on a shake-down cruise. If the specifications require that it be submerged to 15,000 feet then the sub goes to that depth. That is the depth I found in the Internet. It could be much lower of course.

On that voyage inspectors examine every single bolt, joint, area, pipe, piece of equipment, floor, ceiling, and porthole at every level. Their question is – can the submarine withstand the intense pressure of a depth so far down? Any failure, even the tiniest, is noted, and when the vessel returns to dock corrections are made.

The managers have examined its “integrity”.

So with God. He puts us into pressurized situations to examine our integrity. How well will we do under pressure? What is weak and cannot stand? Where are the strongest points?

Remember that to be strong in one area is fine, but under the pressure of three miles down, it is only the weak areas that imperils the ship. And they imperil the whole ship not just those parts.

Perhaps you were wondering about this scripture. James 1:2-3 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

Your integrity is what this is all about. You may not feel especially joyous about this, but God has His vision for you. God does not test you to find out whether you can take the pressure; the est is to show you what you can take. So the writer tells us to count all these tests as joy.  We can celebrate when we pass a very difficult test.

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