How to Understand the Bible

This is the kind of thing you hear all the time –

“If God wants me to believe in Him, He needs to show himself to me. ”   “After I see someone healed I will believe God heals.”  “Seeing is believing so if I can just see something I will believe.”

These are three people who will not be seeing or believing anything.  In fact the way of God is exactly the opposite – you believe before you see.  Because faith is the substance of something previously hoped for, the evidence (before hand) of what is not yet seen

There are several things wrong with the assumption of these doubters.  One is that God is trying to sell a product, and like a good ad man will have a try before you buy program.  Or perhaps a test drive like a new car purchase.  If all goes well, and the price is right, you are in the market for a good God.  Well, when you put it in that crass manner you can see it won’t fly.

God has nothing to prove to anyone.  He has chosen to reveal himself through the Bible, through His son as well as His people who preach and teach and minister the word, healing, teaching, temperance, love, and concern.  Of course, total reprobates can do that too, but God is consistent and especially His word is consistent.    A person who is sold on God can just as easily give up the idea when a better more interesting sales pitch comes along.  Drugs are attractive, at least in the beginning, and adulterers will always tell you how great it was – until it went bad.  The God-market is worldwide.  And so is the market for false gods and sin.

But in this simple sentence, John 7:17 – we see that obedience to God’s word comes first and then the revelation opens up.  You need to know God – start with the Bible.  You may need to actually dig hard, but the diamonds are always at the deepest level and the hardest to find.

17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

Obey first  and see what happens.

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