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Illness as God’s Training Tool

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In the 1970s I read a book on healing 3 times. No, I was not sick. The book, Christ the Healer, changed my life because I saw that God allows us to be sick so we can change our thinking about our relationship to Him. Let me explain.

I heard on the radio recently about a woman who was begging for healing. Her daughter told her, “God says it is an allergy, Mom.”

The woman went to the doctor for allergy tests and lo – she was right.

3 things happened here:

1. The daughter received a Word of Knowledge thru the Holy Spirit and one of His gifts as an instruction to both her and her mother. Her faith was bolstered.

2. The mother was required to listen to the witness of another Christian and act upon it.

3. The woman was healed.

It is also possible, I hope, that the doctor received the witness of the woman in his office.

That is how God works. So instead of looking for some reason why God is punishing us, look for His opportunity to teach us and give us a lasting testimony.

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