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How do We Know what We Know

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The internet is a goldmine of great information and piles and piles of pure crap.  20 years ago I looked up incest (the net was very new then) and learned that God was all for it!  On a scale of 1 to 10 incest is about 9 for evil doing. It was a good lesson; I now view all information with a jaundiced eye.

Since we have no personal knowledge of the speakers and writers on the net (for the most part) we need another standard of judgment.  My son asked me once how to judge Sarah Palin given the media blitz against here, almost as bad as the stuff thrown at President Donald Trump.

Sarah Palin has a host of powerful enemies, mostly oil companies, that she forced to provide a generous check to all Alaskans each year.  The Oil giants have not forgotten and continue their smears.  But that is not what God says we are to do.

God asks us to inspect fruit not deeds.  Jesus cursed the fig tree because it produced only leaves (good works) and no fruit.  No one eats leaves; the tree’s purpose is fruit. Leaves (works) are Palin’s public record of her Governorship.  But fruit is love, joy peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance and faith.  I think she qualifies as long-suffering.

No matter how acidic her critics she keeps a smile on her face and does not lash out.  I’d be hard pressed to copy her model after many years of this.   Meanwhile I’d like to know more about the person who wrote this screed – a Muslim extremist, a pro-abortionist, and an oil-union employee?    The priests had no trouble finding two people to slander Jesus to get him arrested.

I had an unfortunate experience at church.  I was teaching a Sunday school and the class leader, Steve, interrupted and lashed out with an angry remark taken from the internet by “someone” – he didn’t know.  I was shocked.  Steve is a retired classroom teacher and he knows you must know your sources.  Hearsay evidence has no place in the Bible classroom. Steve had no idea whom he was quoting. Other than that, he is a wonderful, dedicated person who really prepares his lessons.

But the purpose of Bible Study is God’s word not man’s.  Secular humanism substitutes man’s word for God and look where the churches are today.  If you get on the witness stand and quote someone else, you are asked to step down!  Simple.  . .

Epistemology is the fancy word which studies how we know what we know. In addition to what we are learning we also must be careful about the source.  Know where you get your information from. Check more than one source as there is fake news out there involving every aspect of life.



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