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Try Interpreting this Dream

Years ago I worked on an extensive Christian ministry project with two men. Let’s call them Joe and Bill. Bill had lied about me, not once but twice, and he lied about me to Joe as well. No one wants to work with people who behave this way so I eliminated all contact with them. This dream occurred several years later. Here is the dream. See if you get the same interpretation.

I found Joe down an embankment, flat on his back on a roadbed unable to move. (He is about 6’2” and 210 pounds.) So I ran off to find Bill so we could help our old friend. I found Bill in a grubby motel with a young prostitute with really dirty blond hair. He was smirking when I busted in the room.

I was so shocked I woke up.

End of dream.

Then I called a friend who did dream interpretations and here is what she said. See if it matches your interpretation.

She said, “Joe is on the road to everlasting life but he has fallen and can’t get up.” His walk with God is stalled.

She said Bill has taken up with “false religion” which is identified in scripture as the Whore of Babylon, a prostitute, meaning someone using religion for personal gain.

This interpretation I believe is right. (She never did know what the dirty hair was about.) And given my position I am in no way able to help them out. That was some years gone by now, and I feel confident about my part in this.

Will they be released from their situation? I hope so but not by me. They need to get their priorities straight with God first. This is a picture of what happens when you do not judge what you hear; Joe had fallen – he believed a lie so he suffered although not as much as Bill. You are responsible both for what you believe and for what you say.

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