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Why Read This Book

Over the years as I shared to others what is in this book, so often they say to me, “You can’t really believe that!”

No, I do not expect anyone to believe anything.  I do know there are thousands out there who have had these experiences.  For the others it is a paradigm shift, a radical change in thinking.  But the entire Christian faith was a radical shift 2,000 years ago.  The idea that a man would be a physical sacrifice as the Messiah did not match the common interpretation of the Old Testament Jews any more than it satisfies Jews today.  But Christianity is based on truth and much of Truth involves the Spirit world, a shift for those whose lives are focused on the material world.

For me, personally, it is not just a matter of believing. None of this is theory to me.  But living this, while it brings me personal victory, means extra effort.  It is easier to run to the doctor or think a political party will make everything right.  But in the end, our winning in life is a matter of doing things God’s way in the spiritual world, where victories are final and where we are more than conquerors.  It is a path meant for all believers, not just a few. 


Years ago a counselor at our local high school told me, with considerable alarm, that students were openly putting curses on their teachers in class.  They would cut themselves and drink their own blood.  Four teachers had left in the first semester; one had died, two were very sick, and the most recent teacher-victim was so stressed out he was under a doctor’s care.  Fifty students gathered on the school grounds weekly to study casting spells and other occult literature.

            Now we see the fruit of a godless educational system coming of age. The American public High School can be a prison for people who have committed no crime.  If you don’t attend school at least to the age 16 the authorities will look for you and force you to go or, as a parent, to send your children.  If there are evil forces there, and occult practices extend in many places down to transcendental meditation for tiny tots, your only recourse is private education or home schooling, impossible for many parents.

            Occult behavior, including Dungeons and Dragons, karate, and some rock music, is also connected with teen suicide.   Six months passed and nothing changed.  The teachers were getting sicker and the other students are affected because they have not learned spiritual control techniques.  If there ever was a school where one might expect a shooting that was it.

            So finally, I started this book after learning that a friend’s child, who would get up in the middle of the night to dance in the woods under the moon, had been placed in a mental institution.  Her parents need to know what is in here.  Maybe you (and I am writing primarily to teenagers) and your parents want to too. 

Here is your power promise:

“That at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and in earth, and under the earth.”

All living creatures, including demons and people who reject God, WILL BOW at His Name – no exceptions.  When demons are cast out of people it is done “in the Name of Jesus.”  We can do this in His Name because as believers, we have His authority, which He gave to His people to use. 

Today Jesus’ disciples cast out devils just as they did when He was alive.  What motivates and energizes Satanists, even teenage ones, is the very same demons (sometimes called devils, or unclean or evil spirits) that roamed the earth since the fall of Adam.

Now for some drill.  Try doing this in the bedroom or the bathroom in front of the mirror.  Pretend someone has a gun and has asked you for all your money. Very loudly say, “drop that gun in the Name of Jesus.”  The louder the better.  Really, this works.  Demons flee at Jesus’ Name. 

            Something like that happened to me when I was at a stop sign; a man jumped into the passenger’s seat of the car.  He wanted a ride.  He wanted other things too.  By the time we got to the next stop sign he was glad to be gone.  If teenagers knew about the Name of Jesus there would be a lot less date rape; approximately 30% of all unreported rapes are on dates.  So the Name of Jesus, spoken out loud is your first weapon in time of danger.  The second tool is the blood of Jesus.  Your church, if you attend one, may never mention it.  B

Let’s stop here a minute and talk about Satan, the devil, demons, etc. and where they come from. Lucifer was one of three angels in the original heaven who had been given authority directly under God Himself.  But he got a fat head given his position as head of the heavenly choir.  This is one reason why there is so much demonic music in all cultures and in all historical times, some rock being as bad as it gets.  Lucifer was jealous of God’s position so he set up his own kingdom in opposition.  As a result he and a group of angels who rebelled with him, were cast out of heaven into hell.  They don’t get the chance to be reconciled to God the way people do because they had no outside temptation.

            Some of those bumped angels are chained in hell, but the majority, and they number in the billions, are here working on earth and are generally called demons, devils, or evil spirits. Except that they rank in power, size and wickedness, all these general names mean the same.  Once they were good angels with good names, like Joy, Happy, Grace, and they are now given evil names like Depression, Mockery and Hate.

            Lucifer got a new name too – Satan.  In the Bible a changed relationship to God always resulted in a new name, like Abram became Abraham, Saul became Paul, etc.  Women got new names too.

Now the Devil is really the same person as Satan, but just as we use Christ and Jesus for the same person, and just as we have different names for ourselves, nicknames and pet names, so the Enemy has a variety of names.  It doesn’t really matter because Jesus is the Name above all Names[1] and anything done in His Name has superior power over anything done in any demons’ name.

            Demons seek human bodies because they don’t have physical bodies of their own.  They do have a spirit, however, which is why they can’t get into your spirit.  What the devil needs is your mind, your will, and your emotions so he can think, feel and eventually perform all the wicked things he wants done in the world.  They can act out the purposes of their kingdom – like shooting kids in the schoolyard, or – suicide.  So when someone says you can’t have demons inside, remember this: that the Spirit of God is in spirit, and the devils are in other places, like your physical body.

            Demons as so terrified of the blood of Jesus that they cannot stand to be near anything that is covered by it.  It maybe a brand new thought to you, to cover something in the Blood of Jesus that is being troubled by demons, but use this tool too. When my computer acts up, I pray the blood over all inward parts and the thing shapes up!

            So why does the man with the gun flee at the Name of Jesus?  (Don’t worry, the cops will find him later.) Or when the blood is spoken whispered or even thought?  When you says “In the Name of Jesus” you are really saying this – Jesus by His death has given ME His power to use instead of Him being here.

            Let me draw a parallel. When you charge something on your MasterCard, you are allowed to do this because you have good credit in your own name, and they know you are going to pay your bill.  Likewise Jesus has built up credit for us in His heavenly bank so we can withdraw it when we need it. Only we must not use this power for our selfish purposes.

            What are you going to do, besides be afraid? or angry?  Our emotions are worthless in fighting the enemy; only Jesus’ power works. 

            Most of us are unaware of this but it is possible to pray to the devil without realizing it.  Any prayer that is not God’s will or a prayer in opposition to the Word of God constitutes a phony prayer.  Since God won’t answer it, the enemy hangs around for his chance to answer the prayer. 

That is what a curse really is, a prayer that fell into the wrong hands. By asking God to bless the person who curses you, you are, in effect, taking the curses back to God for God to dispose of.  Also, prayer to the devil puts us in obligation to him and someday he’ll come around to collect what he thinks we owe him.

            We all have heard our mothers speaking to a door-to-door salesman that they want to be rid of.  “I’ll have to speak to my husband,” they’ll say.  That ordinarily gets rid of the pest.  Think of God as the husband who comes to the door to deal with the intruder.

            More than a dozen people have reported that just saying out loud the words – The blood of Jesus – caused an intruder to scream and leave the room.

            Full power over the devil requires that we must believe.  Believing is much easier after we have done this once or twice, and we see that it works.  And if believing is hard just pray as the fellow did in the Bible.

“Lord, I believe – help my unbelief!”[2]  This is the knowledge that will keep us from perishing.[3]

Your Authority

So how come the world is having all these problems if Jesus is on the throne of both heaven and hell?

            The answer is that He has given you (the believer) all the power over all the enemy’s power which you are to use in His Name.  He has delegated the responsibility to all of us.  And if we don’t use it, it is not His fault.  And if we don’t use this power it doesn’t get done.  He said,

“I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”  Luke 10:19

There’s a hitch – you must be a believer.[4]  This total power requires your and my believing, and believing depends on our knowing what He said we could and couldn’t do, because how can we believe for something if we don’t know what it is?  Perhaps this explains why so many church people are not doing what the Bible says about stopping the devil.  In fact, if you are experiencing Satanist acts in your school or college, many Christians will dismiss it with a shrug.

            At this point I must speak to some people who are saying, “If you are a born-again believer, or walking closely with Jesus, then no curse can happen to you.”  The answer is this: a new relationship, which is what salvation is, has no effect on a preexisting condition.  The very day you were saved if you had a cold, or cancer, or a bad back, or bad table manners, none of those things changed.  Whatever you were before you take on into the next day. 

Defensive Tactics

            In any war the first thing the solider must do to protect his or her position.  If you are a student in a school or college where occult practices abound, you must guard yourself, your animals, and your property from attack, and remove anything from your life that might make an entrance for trouble.

            Start with your personal possessions.  Witches (witches are frequently men) will use a picture or a gift to locate you for the purpose of casting a spell or arranging a personal attack. Any affection that seems unnatural with someone you did not care for previously may be a set-up.

            A gift can be for one of two reasons: to carry a spell to you for the purpose of altering your will, or, if you resist this person, for sending demons to your house to attack you.  The item is a “mark” that identifies who you are to the enemy.

            When I am awake the enemy knows I’m geared up ready to take him out.

Offensive Tactics

          There will come a time when you may wish to branch out from a strictly defensive position.  So in addition to blessing those who curse you, and you MUST do that, you can also reverse the curse back to the sender.  It is common in voodoo societies where natives understand curses and believe they will take place, as believing gives the devil extra power.  Believing also gives God extra power.  As a result when the Bushmen are told they are going to die they agree with the demon, and that causes their death.  The same is true for you.  If you agree with what is going on, you endanger yourself.  Satan can’t hurt you without your permission.

Deliverance ministers report that the demons can’t stand this prayer; demons say they must pay a heavy penalty for reversed curses. 

Now that’s what I like to hear.  Occasionally demons talk to people and their comments are available in books by foreign missionaries where you will find fascinating tales about curses.  As for you, do not engage the devils in conversation.  If you need to know anything you can ask God.  And demons like to talk, but since they like to lie, you can‘t be sure they are telling you the truth.

            The second offensive tactic is Binding and Loosing.  Your legal authority to do this is as follows:

            “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”[5]

            But when and where can we do this?  Here is an example. 

If you are having trouble with some situation think about what is really going on and bind the demons. If your boss swears all the time, it won’t take long to realize this is a foul mouth spirit.  Bind it.  Don’t do this when a person can hear you or they’ll think you are talking to them personally.

            My daughter once had a miserable test (she was in the 7th grade at the time) and she became so frightened she developed a stomach ache.  She marched into the girls’ bathroom (thank heavens it was empty) and said out loud – very loud:

Demon of fear I bind you in Jesus’ Name and command you to leave my stomach right now.

It worked, of course and I don’t recall her being frightened again of her schoolwork.  In fact she made Honor Society.

            When you bind demons do not forget to gag them too.  Angels (good ones) do this for you.  Demons cannot bind themselves or gag themselves any more than you can do it to yourself.  There is a particularly dangerous demon called the Spirit of a Wicked Counselor who will talk you into doing something wrong, suicide being perhaps first, but also into illegal drugs, even a bad marriage.

            The demons wiggle loose and since they assume you don’t really know what you are doing; You will need to do it again and again and maybe even again. The devil thinks you are insecure or insincere so he will come back.  Let him know who is boss. Don’t take NO for an answer from the enemy; the Law is on your side.

            Several years ago our newspaper was libeling both a group and its leader.  Some of us bound the spirit of Witchcraft (controlling others’ lives is what witchcraft is) and Lies and Contempt for the public, and the reporters never showed up again.

Finally, Satanists use animals for sacrifices.  If you have cats or dogs, especially black ones, you will want to pray over them.  You do not need to do this every day; once in a while is fine.  Your animals will love it.

VelcroÔ (or how did I get into this mess)

Previously we saw how Satanism takes over – alcohol, pornography, drugs, and movies – but why are some people afflicted with many more problems, or are so easily infested?  The answer lies in the relationship of our sin to the devil’s kingdom.

It is like VelcroÔ, the little plastic sticky strips that have tiny teeth imbedded on one side and tiny matching teeth on another strip.  They quickly mesh together and if you have ever gotten a piece of cotton on it, you know how hard it is to pick out.  It is a wonderful product; I regret that it fits so perfectly this unpleasant truth.

            Satanic activity is like VelcroÔ, the more you do wrong, the more it sticks to you on the inside. The fact that you can’t see it makes no difference.  Eventually you will be overrun by whatever has stuck to you.

            Let’s say you play Bloody Mary, channeling, crystals, or Ouija Board.  It is a small thing at the time but there is something sticking on the inside.  Your VelcroÔ is in place with one demon and now there is enough room for another demon to latch his teeth in.  Next time it is levitating the table or having a séance.  The spirits speaking from the dead at a séance are demons; dead people do not get to come back.  Demons live forever so some of them will know secret things about your grandmother, including how to fake her voice.  The more you practice the occult, the more available you are, the more sticky stuff there is, that is more demons to hassle you.

            Some people are born with this spiritual sticky stuff in place – the children of alcoholics, those who were rejected in the womb, those who were conceived out-of-wedlock (even if the parents married later) and many, many more situations.  Homosexuality is always demonic and it often comes in the womb.  When these fellows (and some women too) say, “I was born this way,” they are not lying.  They just don’t know the devil is behind it all. 

Their family creates the spiritual VelcroÔ from the start.  Think of it as spiritual genes.  You look like the sins of your fathers, just as you look like them in the mirror.  That is why adopted children must ask God to reveal to them the nature of their original family so they can deal with a possible demonic inheritance.

            My mother used to brag that she had tried to abort me but was not successful.  But because I was conceived in lust, I was born with a spirit of lust.  It didn’t manifest itself in sex but there are plenty of things to lust after besides sex.   She was also involved in some occult practices and those demons were around our home.  Let me give you an example.  When I first heard about reincarnation I said to myself – “Hey that makes a lot of sense!”  I was about 10 years old at the time.  Of course it made sense to me; I had a demon of reincarnation inside me from my family.  What kind of family you are born into will determine how much of this sticky stuff you have inside to invite the demons in.  The reverse is also true; Godly families have fewer demons because they are keeping guard over their spirits and living in more holiness. 

In addition to any occult behavior, wrong sex behavior is also “Velcro”Ô to you – no matter what.  Demons pass through intercourse, not just sex demons but those of disease, mental problems, or anything the prostitute or rapist has attached to his own body.  Not every demon this person has will attach to you but many do, and the more people you have sex with, the more demons you get.  AIDS is a visible disease, which reveals what is sticking to the “Velcro”Ô on the inside.

            A friend developed multiple sclerosis on her wedding night and has been in a wheel chair ever since.  It is usually the woman who picks up the demons from a man.

            The Bible says women are weaker – not because they are inferior in any way – but because they are more heavily influenced by the demonic problems of the husband (or father) who is the legal authority.  The farther down the line of authority you are, the more problems you have inherited from above.  That is another reason Satan goes after children because they are weaker and they suffer from the mistakes of those above them.  Perhaps as a single young woman you are considering getting pregnant and having a baby – someone to love. Forget it.  Not only will you be on welfare as national statistics show, you will also give this baby demons of lust, bastardy, rejection, and fornication at the very minimum.  The fellow you have intercourse with may have a pile of demons of his own – now they have attached to both the baby and you.  If he slaps you up the child will feel all those wounds as well.

            Another VelcroÔ is incest.  In satanic circles incest victims are “marked” for a future in the unholy church of Satan.  These girls and boys are known in the companies of evil spirits who seek them out.  If this has happened to you there are specially called Christian counselors who handle cases of ritual child abuse.

            More demons and more virulent demons attach because of sex sins on a graduated scale.  Incest and pedophilia (child sexual abuse) are the worst, but adultery, fornication, masturbation, etc. do not get better over time; the problems increase.  It never gets better; it never goes away by itself.  It always gets worse, and the worse it gets the harder it is to be rid of.

            Drugs and alcohol add more VelcroÔ like sticky landing fields where demons can thrive or just lie in wait until they have an opportunity.  Demons hide in body cavities where they want a “fix” of some kind, like drugs or alcohol, or porn, swearing, compulsive eating, lying or even arguing.  The more you give them a fix, the happier and bigger they become until they can eventually control your whole personality.  A person whose entire personality is controlled by demons is called “possessed” and generally you never see these people because they will be institutionalized.  The number of truly possessed people is quite small.  But small numbers of demons in ordinary people is widespread.

            Most drugs prescribed to control demons only keep them happy.  Drugs are like giant VelcroÔ – so big and so powerful they produce a fortress-like barricade behind which the demon lives without fear of being disturbed.  Most anti-depressants are like this.

            Another sticky landing field is abuse.  Children or adults who have been frequently beaten are often marks for demonic activity.  A weak physical body is less able to ward off demonic attacks.  Extreme fatigue, bad nutrition, and physical disease make a person of any age more susceptible to demonic infiltration.  But not to worry . . . Don’t forget.

You are a victor.  All power means just that – all power.

            I go into demons with some detail because these activities describe the progression from a tiny bit of occult involvement or sex sin into a lot of demonic trouble.  If you have been involved with any kind of Satanism, palm reading, handwriting analysis, astrology, you have a landing pad of VelcroÔ inside where demons can live and increase.  The time to stop is now before it is out of control.

            Now, let’s turn to your allies, the angels.

Angels, the good ones

Earlier we learned that demons are angels who were kicked out of heaven.  But two-thirds of them remained in heaven and are ready to help us today The demons in the killer see angels, very large ones, standing by you.  It terrorizes the person’s demons; he runs away.  Most demons are very small – you would laugh if you could see how small. They are extremely ugly of course, sometimes covered with warts, horribly deformed, and if you want to see what they look like try the Saturday morning cartoons or ordinary comic books.  The people who draw these forms of entertainment frequently do drugs so they have seen demons and can draw them exactly.  Other non-demonic-led people see them occasionally too so the truth can be verified.  There are twice as many good angels as bad ones so you are not outnumbered.

            Angels will answer prayers for safety on the roads, to protect you and others, to lead or make a way when things are difficult.  Whatever you pray according to the Bible can be answered by sending an angel.  Don’t expect to see them as they are pictured on television.  That is not the usual way God does business. Good angels keep themselves and their business secret almost all of the time.


            You notice that we are at the end of the book.  You have come to some conclusions about the problems that you have seen.  You may have even gotten some deliverance, which is what freedom from demons is called.  Now you will want to grow better – to have a sticky-free life –  to give up sin and everything that means.       The opposite from sticky things that attracts demons is the TeflonÔ life – nothing sticks to it.  Is this possible?

Second, if you have entertained thoughts of suicide or murder you may have learned this from occult books, horror movies, rock music tapes, cassettes, or videos.  Burn them. 

            Third, burn your own pornography.  I would not suggest burning your brother’s stuff.  He must do this on his own.  Then find some help for yourself.  Next to suicide this is the worst enslaver of all.  Also, check out those gifts and photographs we talked about in the chapter on Curses.  But that’s not all.  If you don’t get into boot camp the enemy will be on your tail again.  Where can you find someone who takes you and your problems seriously?

            Remember this: someone with an experience is never at the mercy of someone with an opinion or a theory.  Your experience tells you what is real, even if you might have interpreted it incorrectly.  Do not let people talk you out of what you know to be true.  If you meet someone who says, “Dear, we mustn’t look for demons everywhere, we must look at Jesus” you know to keep on truckin’ until you find something else. 

Finally do not be swayed by those who say they won‘t believe anything they can’t see.  Millions died in the plague in the Middle Ages; no one could see the bacteria carried by mice.  But it was there.  The unseen world is still all around us, both demons and angels. The angels are voting for you; the demons voting against you.  Your vote breaks the tie.

How will you vote?

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