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Cosmologists know Nothing abut Origins

donald-trump-1332922__180Cosmologist Stephen Hawking told a British audience he did not understand Donald Trump’s popularity.  He was not alone in his confusion.  There’s a host of Hollywood types, media people, academic savants and various paid pundits also bemoaning Trump’s rise and quick results. A multifaceted view of Trump is very telling here.

Perhaps a man whose head was in the SXDF Galaxy can be excused. One must leave heavenly places to learn about the thoughts of human beings and there is no reason to think anyone who runs a newspaper, movie studio, or TV station has a clue what the country is thinking or doing right now.  They only talk to each other. Donald Trump somehow figured this out. Perhaps he hung around the gaming tables at his many venues.

The Deep State

In a word – the nation is divided into four almost equal parts.  Two parts are the Good Ole Boys of both Democrat and Republican party structures and the people who rely on them for jobs, i.e.  labor unions, corporate welfare queens, employees and foreign  governments on the dole.

Hillary and her retinue, the DNC, CNN and the major networks, the major dailies etc. on one side and the RNC, Congress, their corporate pals and their employees on the other with the media in tow, leaning towards anyone who can get them an invite to a State Dinner at the White House, usually the Democrats but they aren’t that fussy about principle. This is called the Deep State.

The Populists

Against those two are the upstarts – the Conservative-Libertarian-Tea Party Republicans, their reformers and candidates while on the other side cheering them on,  Bernie Sanders, the Pied Piper leading all the Pups into a Utopian Socialism where as Adult Mice they will pay the free-bills promised to them by the high-tax-but-not-as-yet defined state of 2020.

Donald Trump’s campaign has straddled these last two positions.  The line of political Left vs. Right actually is a circle not a straight line which eventually reaches back where right and left meet, the libertarians becoming anarchical as the socialists. Trump meanwhile drained away 20% of the Democrat voting base from the Good Ole Boys who have been lying all these years.

The Republican voters knew they were being scammed but were dumbfounded about what to do.  As a case in  point Congressman Mark Meadows was the Quarterback on the Dump John Boehner movement, thought to be a suicide mission but in a few short months that Speaker of the House was out. Another way we know these media types are clueless is that they think Trump makes unforced errors every time he calls a newsman a bad name – he has a host of them, but the people cheer – both the right wing and the left wing people. They whine about the disrespect of the Press, after four decades of their lies and political bias.  Now! the People have a bully to blast the press and the government.

Two and three-quarters years have passed as Donald Trump not only moved to the middle; he has taken it over and moved the opposition to the far left.

They say Populism is a bad word.  How come?  That is what our Constitution is all about. This is the document that makes us all equal before the law. After that, we are on our own.  It has worked for 200 plus years. I suspect it will continue to work.

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