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God’s Harvest

Acts 2:47 And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.

It’s Autumn Festival Time in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Like a chorus girl Nature puts on her loudest clothes, as though warning us that she will be back someday. The locals sell crafts they made all summer, apple pies, and jellies and the mushrooms a retired guy collects from the woods. It’s the in gathering.

God promises His own Harvest

But what about the harvest of Yahweh? My Bible tells me that there are hundreds of souls being saved and that Yahweh is doing this daily, even though I do not see them or know where they are. Where are they?

I have a disabled friend who shops in the cheapest markets – his income doesn’t cover much in the way of food. He offers to pray for others. He does this everywhere he goes. Even his chiropractor gives him free time because he prays for all his patients when he is there.

The fact that we do not see it doesn’t mean Yahweh isn’t doing it, and that His people are not active. According to statistics, people are becoming more religious. https://www.theepochtimes.com/americans-and-the-world-are-becoming-more-not-less-religious_3003424.html

And persecution is on the rise too. https://www.theepochtimes.com/religious-persecution-a-global-crisis-needing-urgent-action-us-ambassador-says_3004405.html

Individuals become change agents

But where the interest in Yahweh is high, there also is the opportunity for you personally to act. A simple invitation is all you need – not a full blown sales pitch. You will be surprised at your results, sometimes months or even years later.

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For Atheists

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You say Yahweh does not exist? Whoopie! I’ve decided taxes don’t exist. I hate paying taxes. If they don’t exist I don’t have to pay!

We’ve only just begun. DNA – that does not exist. Male-female, that does not exist. Old age (I get to live forever) does not exist. Who knows where this can go.

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