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Politics in the Pulpit

If the Church refuses to address politics from the pulpit, guess what happens. Right. The devil says, “Oh Goody. I have many candidates with their damnable ideas lined up ready to take over the government.” And that is exactly what happened.

A list of evil projects

People get nervous when the word evil is used because it implies, no requires, a moral judgment. This is good and that is bad. But some people do not want to be challenged. Other people get huffy when they are offended by the use of the words. Well that is too bad. Evil is what Yahweh sent His son to the planet to defeat both as an individual problem caused by sinful human beings, but also the evil in the systems that the secular world has created. Here is a list of just a few of the evil projects and programs supported by our taxes and what has been abandoned by honorable people. Click on the underlined bold word to go to the news story. The Democratic Party passes a resolution condemning Christianity. Sex perversion taught in a public school. Legislation to kill the mentally ill. But that could be you if they call Christianity a mental illness. When Right-to-Life doctors are required to register with the State, that allows bureaucrats to refuse to pay them for medical services. Will they leave the country in order to have freedom of religion, or stay here and be paid for abortions? That is the definition of fascism – using refusal to do business to enforce political goals. FDA (Federal Drug Administration), this time gender altering drugs which result in death and one more reason to support drug pricing reform. Drag Queens, your tax dollars at work all in the name of freedom of speech and possibly coming to a library near you. 25 times Congress has voted on infanticide, legislation to prevent the murder of infants who managed to escape an abortion attempt. You voted for these guys! Why isn’t your minister preaching against this kind of immoral government? And you can vote them out as well. #immoralgovernment #Congress

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