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Spirit of Error losing market share; Truth is up

After a decade of untruths, half truths, speculation, lies, rumors, accusations, innuendo, and just plain stupidity, truth is making a long-awaited, long-needed comeback.

Cable news news wanted us to believe that the sitting President Donald Trump was going to be thrown unceremoniously out of office for collusion with Russia. Two and a half years later we learn that the entire thing was a set-up by Democrats fearful that their cherished government was going to be managed by someone else and their decade long corruption exposed. Here is a compendium and listing of all the Spygate participants many of whom may be indicted.

Cable news kept the fires of anticipation going and for their effort lost huge numbers of viewers and credibility. When all of this was discovered to be a deliberate fraud, viewers went elsewhere. The Internet expands because truth is more likely to be found there, although it takes some digging.

New investigators entered the race for truth, such as Judicial Watch. This organization fields multiple lawsuits verifying information on corruption by federal employees, especially in the FBI and the CIA.

Books on political fraud now abound. Egghead historian, Victor Davis Hanson writes on the Deep State. We are now capitalizing that term. Todd Starnes wrote several books, the most recent is the Cultural Jihad. mark Levin, longtime lawyer-critic of all thing unconstitutional, on the bias of the press which goes back over a hundred years.

An internet list of famous women journalists did not contain one word about a conservative who had exposed massive corruption in media, which demonstrates the wide censorship of Google et. alii. Laura Ingraham, Michele Malkin, and were not mentioned although they are more widely read or viewed.

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From now on all references to God will appear at Yahweh and all references to Jesus will be Yahshua. This is in deference to Jewish believers, also called Messianic Jews, who use this term which is Biblical.

Jesus is the term used by Greek Christians who wrote the New Testament. There is nothing wrong with using the name of Jesus, but readers from across the globe will be better informed by the usage of these names.

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