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It’s Easy to Lie about the Crusades

crusader…. because Americans pay so little attention to history.  The media, and more recently the former President {Obama}, can say what they will.  It is as though time began last week and no one will know the difference. This article should straighten things out.

Jihadis 14, Crusaders 2 from National Review Onine
The president Obama perverts history (again).

By Ralph Peters

In his ignorant and bigoted remarks to religious leaders this week, President Obama parroted jihadi propaganda. Bored (when not annoyed) by facts, the president referred to the Crusades and the Inquisition as evidence of the horrors religion can wreak. That kind of talk emboldens the Islamist line that Christian bad behavior justifies the Middle East’s bad behavior even today.

The president knows as little about history as he does about warfare, and even less about religion. But he’s not alone. With the Left’s successful destruction of history instruction in our schools and universities, even “well-educated” creatures of Washington accept the Arab fantasy that the cultural incompetence, practical indolence, and spiritual decay of the entire Middle East stems from Richard Coeur de Lion’s twelfth-century swordplay. (more…)

‘Intellectual Suicide’ He’s Waging a Battle Against Political Correctness — and Has a Warning for Churches That Sway Aimlessly With Cultural Whims


Originally from The Blaze

Feb. 24, 2015 2:03pm Billy Hallowell

TheBlaze’s coverage of the NRB Proclaim conference is brought to you by the movie “Yellow Day” and The Rose of Bethlehem.

When author Joe Battaglia started seeing some troubling trends in politics, media and Christian culture, he decided to take action, penning a new book about the political correctness and “intellectual dishonesty” that he believes are running rampant in contemporary society.

Battaglia, who is attending the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, Tennessee, this week, and is the founder of Renaissance Communications, told TheBlaze that he’s concerned that many people in today’s society seemingly bend over backwards to avoid offending others, while sacrificing truth and facts in the process, laying out his views in the new book, “The Politically Incorrect Jesus.” (more…)

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