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Bible Study Lesson 6

Who’s Who in the Bible

Today we will give a partial list of Bible participants and how they fit into the 6,000 years the Bible covers. My husband loved football so when we went to the games he’d buy a program. “How will we know who the players are?” he would ask.

Me, I liked the Hebrew National hot dogs. But he was right, when you hear Christians talk about the Bible you can get confused because they know all these names.

God, Yahweh:

is the Hebrew name for the Creator God who has neither beginning nor end. My son said in Trinidad and Tobago they sing a popular Christian song, “Our God is an awesome God” but they change the words. They sing “Our God is THE awesome God” because there are so many other names out there pretending to be the Big Boss God in the Sky.

Adam and Eve:

the two original human beings. They were placed in a real garden on the real earth but they had, originally, glorified bodies which knew no disease, flaw or death. When they disobeyed God they lost the perfect body and got the body like the one you and I have now – flesh, with all the problems that comes with being human. They did not have any inherited disease, not even a sniffle so Ddam could easily live 900 years. But the length of life for humans deteriorated over a period of time.

Then after the flood, the terrarium canopy sheltering earth from harmful UV rays was taken away (all this is in the Bible) and people only had, according the scriptures, 70 years allotted to them.

The “Snake”:

Yes, the snake talked to Adam and Eve – This was the personification of the person of Satan who defied God with one third of the angels and they were all cast out of heaven. Demons and other evil spiritual forms have a soul, a personality if you prefer, and a spirit, because they are spirit, but they do not have a body. So Satan used a snake for communication with humans. Other animals also could talk with humans until after the flood when God put a fear of man in animals in order to keep them safer. Yes, all this is in the Bible.

Cain and Abel:

two of Adam and Eve’s first children. Cain murdered his brother so you can see sin was embedded in the human heart from the git-go. James Dean starred in a famous movie, East of Eden, based on this idea of envy between brothers. Eden is the name of the original garden which is identified on the modern map as parts of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.


The word Bible is the Greek word biblos or simply book, the only one claimed to have been provided to man by God Himself which is why it is capitalized.

Now read and highlight all of Genesis 2.

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