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Failure= Wrong Question + Wrong Answer

Failure is the Product of adding the Wrong Question and the Wrong Answer

Like all mathematical formulae it works every single time. I have two examples – one so large it staggers the taxpayer; one so small it seems irrelevant, but the formula works nonetheless.

This week the Congress of the USA is deciding whether to renew unemployment insurance for a group of persons long without a job. In the past 5 years 1,600,000 jobs have been lost. As a percentage of the population this is a staggering number, mostly young, mostly minorities, the very people who can work hardest and need the work the most. In addition, many individuals have been forced into half time work because of the nationalized health care system which penalizes employers if they hire a full time worker. There is a reason the Congress has a 6-9 % approval rating and it pops up here.

The wrong question is whether we renew unemployment payments. The wrong answer will soon ensue. America dominates the world economically and in many other ways too because it is based on low taxes and high productivity. You can’t over-finance government and have any left over for local jobs. The past several years have generated the exact opposite, which means fewer jobs and reduced productivity which results in higher costs for everyone. It is a downward spiral.

The people who make these decisions however, are isolated from the results of what they do, and see nothing wrong. The wrong questions have been answered over and over again by more wrong answers; the result, higher taxation, higher unemployment, and higher inflation.

But the formula works at the very lowest level too. Clara teaches some Bible studies at her local church. She is a good teacher and experienced, however, she rejects some of the Bible, and consequently teaches only at the level of the natural, missing the spiritual and therefore much of the New Testament. This is classic “syncretistism” which means she combines secular humanism with the natural understanding of the Bible. She politicked for this position. We Christian believers agonize over why 1/3 of all Christians do not attend church; this little true tale may help explain their absence.

Clara made a snippy crack to Margie about her hair. Margie has a small income which prevents her from getting her hair done. In addition she dislocated both shoulders in the past and has a hard time doing her own hair. What should Margie do?

We will now see the wrong question and the wrong answers in process. Margie can take one of the following routes: (1) she can confront Clara with the insult and outline her reasons for her hair issues (2) she can go to someone in authority to complain about Clara (3) she can try to adjust her income to allow for better hair care (4) she can leave the class entirely and attend another church or perhaps not attend any church at all.

These four answers fail. We know what Clara did but here’s why! Margie has a formal education in the Bible and many years of experience teaching it, way beyond Clara’s reach. Does Clara fear she will lose her position and her power base? That question makes sense. As a power issue, do we have a different set of answers? Of course we do. We must always examine motivation.
Looking at each set of responses again, does Margie respond to Clara- answer (1)? No. Responding to Clara confirms and strengthens her power concepts, making Margie the respondent. Margie’s economic level is none of Clara’s business; neither are her shoulder accidents. And there is no hope of Margie increasing her income; even if she should, would she finance this or something else, like dental care?

Margie suspects this is Clara’s attempt to embarrass her to the point of leaving the class. So (#4) she is not to leave. Clara has based her teaching on her position of perceived power; does she fear being replaced? No response should ever be a confirmation of sin in any form. When a teacher demeans a student it is an attempt to deprecate that person in the eyes of other students or faculty. It is an “offensive” move. Margie is not to defend herself.

Martin Luther said “Self-justification is the first sign of sin.” The Bible says God will justify and defend His people. Margie’s answer then is to let God do His job. Vengeance is the Lord’s. Both examples I’ve given here focus on why wrong answers result. In both cases the question is not “what” but “why”.

Christians should be happy with this conclusion. If asking why brings God into the situation, and if we pray properly the answers will in the end give us a better result.

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Dreams and Interpretation – a Testimony

Dreams and Symbolism are frequently searched on these blog pages. What follows is an example of a series of dreams and their interpretation over a period of 10 years. The dreamer had the good sense to consult some friends about the meaning of the dreams. They were all connected. This is a model for you to find the meaning of your dreams. It is important not to interpret them as being a natural event, that is, all the dreams about having a baby at no point referred to a real human child.

Jennifer LeClaire:
Birthing Your Prophetic Dreams May Mean Changing Direction

Jennifer LeClaireI call them “baby dreams” – and these prophetic encounters have been a running theme in my life over the past decade. It seems God has been laboring with me to birth a new thing for nearly that long. Along the way, there was at least one Ishmael, a couple of near-abortions, and plenty of spiritual warfare. But God in His grace somehow worked all things together for good.

There were lessons in this series of prophetic dreams. When I put those principles into practice it caused what looked like a stillbirth to become a healthy baby. I still don’t have all the answers, but God has made one thing clear to me: Sometimes a small shift makes all the difference.

The First Dream: Surrendering My Will

The “baby dreams” started about eight years ago. I had a dream I was pregnant. I was not happy about it because it was going to turn my life upside down – but I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to pretend it wasn’t real, but ultimately pretending wasn’t an option.

The lesson of this first prophetic dream was that I had to be like Mary, who gave her will over to the Lord despite the trouble it was going to cause her in the natural. I woke up and committed in my heart to let the Lord’s will be done in my life and moved ahead.

The Second Dream: Birthing a Man-Child

About a year after that prophetic encounter, I had a second “baby dream.” This time, I was in the hospital giving birth. When the baby was born, it was like a man-child. It had the appearance of a baby, but it had the features of a full-grown man. Immediately after the baby was born, he started running toward his goal. Those around me said, “It must be nice to birth a full-grown ministry. That’s what you can expect.”

The Third Dream: Making Adjustments

Fast-forward another five years. I was in a very uncomfortable position, having the weight of a church plant unexpectedly fall on my shoulders. I didn’t sign up to preach, pray, prophesy and administrate the whole church but that’s what was happening. I was at a crossroads, praying about whether I should exit or continue to bear the weight – and the spiritual warfare – of another man’s vision or move on.

I went to sleep and had another “baby dream.” This time I was pregnant. I still wasn’t thrilled. I was hungry and the only thing available was some strange combination of eggs and pepperoni. My chair was too low for me to comfortably type on my computer. I had to change into clothes I didn’t like. I was thinking about how I could possibly hit the gym with all of this going on. I thought about how I’d be 60 before this kid was grown.

In other words, I was doing a lot of natural reasoning. Eventually, I changed my clothes into something that wasn’t ideal but still wasn’t too bad. I ate the eggs for the protein and skipped the unhealthy pepperoni. I got a taller chair so I could type more comfortably. Then I woke up. I told one of my friends involved in the church plant about the dream, including the eggs and pepperoni. I had never heard of eggs and pepperoni as a dish – but it was one of her favorites. (Go figure. God wanted her to bear witness to the dream.)

From that dream I learned that I had to make sacrifices and adjustments to do the will of God. In other words, there would be some aspects of birthing this ministry that were uncomfortable, but there were ways to adjust to the circumstances and plow through the pain to get to the goal line of God’s ultimate will.

At first, I thought it was a message to keep bearing the weight of the church plant. But when the church planter manifested with wrong motives, it became abundantly clear that his vision wasn’t my burden to bear and God released me. He actually used the experience to push me into what He really had in mind the whole time.

The Fourth Dream: Shifting Your Direction

In the last “baby dream,” I finally got the message – and it changed everything. I was nine months pregnant but the baby had stopped moving. The baby wasn’t kicking or rolling or showing any sign of life. (This is about how I felt after leaving the church plant.) 

In the prophetic dream I thought the baby was dead and I panicked. Then, suddenly, I had the unction to shift the baby’s position with gentle pressure from my hand. (I later researched this and discovered there’s a name for it: the Diaphragmatic Release.) When I did, I could feel the baby kicking again. I knew all was well.

Here’s the lesson I took away from this dream, which connected with the previous baby dreams: Sometimes things look dead but you just have to reposition yourself for life. It doesn’t always take much. Just one gentle movement in the right direction can cause God to breathe on that thing again so you can birth it and begin nurturing what God has given you to steward.

If God has given you something to birth, it may be time to pull an Ezekiel and speak to those dry bones. It may be time to pull an Elijah and raise it from the dead. It may be time to walk away from the Ishmael, refuse to abort and just reposition yourself to receive what God intended all along. You could just be in the wrong place or in the wrong time or with the wrong people. When you decide to obey, when you decide to reposition yourself into God’s perfect plan, the baby he has given you to birth will thrive in His grace. Amen

From The Elijah List and from Charisma Magazine.

Jennifer LeClaire

News Editor at Charisma Media,
Founder of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries
Email: jennifer@jenniferleclaire.org
Website: jenniferleclaire.org

Jennifer LeClaire is news editor at Charisma magazine and author of The Making of a Prophet, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, The Heart of the Prophetic, and many other books. She is also director of the International House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale.

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