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God’s Three Basic Rules

The reason the Holy Bible has over 32,000 verses is that God has a lot to say to seven billion humans about individuals, nations, animals, angels, Himself and the future.

Why doesn’t God stop all the evil

First Law, He has one rule for the human race – free will.  If we don’t get that, we won’t get the rest.

The most common question people ask is, why did God let this horrible thing happen?  God does not have His thumb on the scale involving events or the actions of individuals or nations.  You do what you do because He has allowed you to do it.  If you perpetrate evil  against someone or something that is your choice. He does interfere in response to prayer however.

If you generate good you are also rewarded.  This applies to the very smallest of tasks.  The diligent student in the projects will succeed; sociologists know this and they look for these students.  Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s expert on pediatric brain surgery, was raised by a single mother who could not read.  But she, pretending to read, checked his homework every day to see it was done.  Pretty good actress too I gather.

Life’s goal is you and God on the same page

Second law – God does seek for you a new relationship to Him.

 Out of new, obedient relationships come national change, personal success, stronger laws, better armies, and creative new inventions and art.  While God does not pass laws against child abuse or create agencies to supervise, you can. While he cannot stop the drunk driver from getting behind the wheel, a person who is tuned into God can seek His will about whether to get into the car, and your prayers about stopping a drunk driver have an effect too.

Nations also need God

This same rule applies to nations. The world system is based on improvement, in spite of appearances, which brings about a superior life for nations and individuals.  The quality of life in the past 50 years has improved across the planet.  Even ethnic groups who were desperately poor many years ago are merely poor now.  We tend to see a small piece of the reality pie. 

We marvel that Jews are far and away the largest group of Nobel Prize winners, but why not?  These are His people selected 3,000 years ago. Where there is active disobedience to God and His will you have poverty, war, chaos and abuse of women and children.  Think Islam. While God does not stop evil neither does He bless it. 

Sow-Reap applies to men and nations

The 2nd law of the universe is the law of sowing and reaping.  Nations sow, nations reap.  Individuals sow, individuals reap.  And if your parent sows bad seed, you reap part of that crop too.  But you have no requirement to follow the patterns of bad families; you can always follow good.  A bad Congress sows bad laws; the people reap problems. This rule applies to all men at all times.

Change is the Universal Rule

Finally is the Law of Change; change is not an option; it is a given. God said, “I am the Lord I change not.”  If you as a person want to come into God’s presence, you do the changing. History is not done yet.

First you must charge your mind.  The Biblical word is repentance, metanoia meaning change your mind.  Young people today say they want to change the world. But first you must change yourself or be willing to let God change you.

Don’t bother trying to change other people.  It is a waste of time. Much foolish politics is the demand that someone else change. You can march. you can protest but change is not what others are doing to do.  If you want to change the world, change yourself first.

Those who cannot change turn into stone

If you can’t change you can’t adapt or grow. You become hard and unusable. To be usable you must also be teachable. Make a decision to learn and grow every day so when your face the end of your life, you have learned to live profitably and happy.  Then you will also live longer.

Unhappy, rigid people can only die. It is all they have left.

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