The 1st premise of this blog has been from the get-go that the Bible as the Word of God is the final authority. I’ve also tried to eliminate any other references save those which could be called supporting documents. As an example, I do not quote Jung, Freud or any other psychologist unless their words support what the scriptures say. I believe this is fundamental to understanding the Bible and then to understanding God.

After many years as a missionary going into strange places – prisons, foreign countries, the devils’ dens – I’ve learned the questions and from the Holy Bible the answers to most of what people ask today.  God’s Bible is forever but His word to you is new every morning.  If church doesn’t mean much to you perhaps these pages will.

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In Jeremiah

The keys to the Kingdom of God. Silver for salvation, gold for holiness.

God said He would watch over His word to perform it. He never said He would watch over the word of any minister, no matter how famous or honored, no politician, no celebrity or even me.  Only HIS word.  So that is what this blog is about. God will follow through.

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  1. I like this very much. Well said. To the point. Clearly explains “what” and “why”. A “catchy” intro, especially “His word to you is new every morning”. mje

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