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The Peace Fallacy

Five hundred years ago Martin Luther and some brave supporters decided it was a time for war, a war against corruption in God’s church.  That time has come again, and this time for the same reason – humanism not holiness has become the goal of church life and theology.  The result is now as it was for the Roman Catholic church, a fleeing from church pews of confused and harried members.

Much of what passes for Christian doctrine is mealy-mouthed-go-along-get-along human psychology.  It’s a watered down gospel.  But believers instinctively know that this is not the truth and only 30% of believers now attend a church.  They have all kinds of reasons but most often you’ll hear this: “The church doesn’t speak to me anymore.” Nor can it when it has lost its core message.

Jesus’ detractors, and they are many, may tell you that the Prince of Peace does not engage in war. Not so. The church is to war against evil wherever it is to be found. What you are not told is that Jesus reigns as the prince of peace when he is at peace with all men; clearly that has not happened.

Warring man, hate-filled, angry, self-willed, ambitious, greedy man is still at war with God much as he has been since the beginning of time, and perhaps even before then. War is not inevitable; it has a purpose. War allows mankind to define good.

And God has not promised peace for those who have no peace inside their hearts. Politicians often make peace their platform and then two things can happen when they are elected. (1) A foreign nation decides to attack or promote a war or (2) The political parties need an enemy so their followers will start or continue a fight.  Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of unity.

God said “Peace. Peace. There is no peace for the wicked.” And that rather settles it doesn’t it.  Until wickedness is obliterated there will be wars, small or large, local or international, racial or economic or territorial, wars will continue. Until then we can have peace in our individual hearts.  The result is Joy. People may see it on your face.

The Joy of the Lord is your strength. This season of peace, if no where else have it in your heart.

Isaiah 57:19-21 I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the Lord; and I will heal him. 20 But the wicked are like  the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. 21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.


Curse what God is doing, and it Backfires

For a solid year hundreds of individuals have cursed President Trump, wished him dead, even carried his blood-dripping head photo around as a war prize.  Anyone who had a platform thought it was open season on a man elected while they were congratulating themselves on the assumption they had won.The many-sided Donald Trump

What is happening here? This is about curses, and the Bible has a lot to say about how this works. It always backfires!

There is a little known the story of Shimei. When King David was struggling against his son Absalom for the leadership of Israel, Shimei cursed David for many things he believed David had done wrong- such as replace King Saul, war against his son, and some other behaviors. In all cases, Shimei was wrong. David has followed God’s plan and done it His Way.

David showed considerable restraint; he could have had the man’s head then and there, but he said, “Maybe God sent him to curse me.” David knew something we don’t – that to curse against what someone is doing as obedience to God is actually cursing God. Whoops!

Shimei later genuinely repented and asked David’s forgiveness which he received. But as David turned the Kingdom over to his son Solomon, he reminded him that Shimei needed to be dealt with. That was smart because then whatever judgment followed would not be personal -it would be a decision done lawfully.

Shimei’s punishment was that he could never leave Jerusalem, a City of Refuge where your sins and lawbreaking were not accounted to you – like a Sanctuary City today.  You are safe from the law there. But Shimei became cocky and forgot that he was protected. He left Jerusalem and lost his life as a consequence.

Today after much prayer by the American church, President Trump shows up on the scene. He is not David but he is a soldier for law, order, and righteousness to bring about reforms and change in what had become a broken system in every area of national government where he has had the authority to makes changes.

Donald Trump was not even a saved believer before his election. He had been “christian” as so many are, as a cultural choice from Scots ancestors. His subsequent salvation surprised many. But the Media, celebrities, editors, Democrats, Congressmen and foreign voices have since cursed the man.  And what happened?

Sex sins and violations of law, pedophiles and others are exposed on both coasts, in public causing loss of careers and positions of leadership from the TV news to sitting Congressmen. If I were a political official who had a hidden past I would be keeping my mouth shut and laying low, hoping no one found out. To curse President Trump is a ticket to public humiliation and loss.

God doesn’t go around making fools of people in public. That is not His first choice. He wants to cover your sins privately just between the two of you.

BUT, if human beings through warning after warning do not knuckle up to truth, God will bring them into public display.  The Democrats assumed they could continue the cover-ups with a Hillary win. The court cases against all kinds of treason and thievery have just started.

If an entire political party can believe they can get away with this, we too as lone human beings can also think we are going to get away with something. This whole scenario is a public lesson in how truth will win out.

God will soon be wrapping up the Church Age and making major changes. As a young  kid once told me 45 years, “I’ve read the Bible. Jesus is coming back and He’s really ticked off.”

But during this time we all have a chance to get right with God. Don’t throw it away.