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The Power of Christmas to Evangelize Worldwide

Without fail every year there are complaints about the commercialization of Christmas and the emphasis on spending money – say for that $45,000 Lexus, while many families have nothing extra for children or adults. But after seven long years of want and unemployment across the land Christmas 2017, with added cash and hope, shoppers were not complaining about anything more than the traffic – and the prices. (A critic wrote to me to say there was no thing as a Lexus as cheap as $45,000.  I stand corrected.)

There is a hidden benefit to Christmas no matter how garish.

But that is the surface.  There is a hidden benefit to Christmas which is no doubt why God doesn’t seem to mind the glitz and over consumption of it all. And that is because aside from Christmas, how would so many people, especially foreigners in distant isolated lands, without American television or in most homes the Internet as well, know about Christianity?

No other religion has such a worldwide display. There is no birthday bash for Mohammed. Judaism has an interesting history with celebrations in September and October, but there is no glamour in it. Christianity alone takes a day off every year to recognize the birthday of someone very few people on this planet know anything about. The atheists join in the fun as well.

The Bible is forbidden & Christians persecuted in many areas.

Large swathes of the planet forbid the Bible or Christianity of any kind, some to the point of death or imprisonment.  There are no religious bookstores or friendly church suppers where the curious can learn anything new. Even at the birth of Jesus the political leader, Herod, was so terrified of this infant that he slaughtered 6,000 baby boys in Bethlehem. Information about Jesus causes a reaction.

Factory workers in China wonder as they make Christmas items, “Who are these wise men? This ornament cost 400 kuai! That is more than my daily pay!” They have no internet, and religious liberty is more talk than do. Possibly someone at the work table may know what a Christian is. The Chinese prize education and are full of questions.

The American Christmas raises questions.

Here is a chance for the lone Christian in that factory to tell the story to one’s fellows. Workers in Taiwan and Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines are also making trees, garlands, jewel studded ornaments, paper mache decor, blinking lights, some of them very expensive.

Christmas Symbolism.

Everything we have at Christmas has a spiritual dimension.  The tree is both the one that Jesus was crucified on, as well as representing the tree of life.  The other tree, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was the tree coveted by the First Pair.  Jesus is now that green tree of new life to replace the one we mistakenly chose previously. We learned about evil, but now we also have access to all the knowledge of good – the good God of salvation – as well.

The gifts represent those of the wise men; and those men were foreigners, just like so many worldwide foreign nations, also able to receive the works of God. Jesus also promised us gifts on his death – wisdom and knowledge, tongues and interpretation, prophecy and other anointings. God didn’t just give us a son, but also a provider, leader, the King of Kings. Our trinkets pale in comparison.

There is the music business too which reflects the praising angels on high.  I wonder how many unbelievers eventually in their lifetimes have a chance to think about the words they sang in a choir somewhere, or heard in the mall.  To sing The Messiah is to repeat the words of Isaiah about the coming ruler.  Do they contemplate the revelation in the lyrics?

Dollar for dollar this Christmas shows people care.

What does a person in impoverished Yemen for example, think of the richest nation in the world taking a day off in December to spend money like crazy, eat a fabulous meal, and exchange costly gifts all because of some tiny baby born in a barn in the Middle East 2,000 years ago?

It really makes no sense.  But God sees the influence of this outward show and can use it to raise questions in the minds of men and women worldwide.  They may ask, as so many already have, “What child is this?”

650 words

How to Pray for your Family

It sounds so simple, praying for your family, but there always is a catch. What you pray must line up with the Word of God. Some people at this point will duck the issue; they’ll go to priest, minister or trusted friend for prayer. But the authority in this situation belongs to Mom or Dad, or adopted parents- whoever is in charge. Praying according to the Word means actually knowing and believing what the Word says. So go to the Bible for the answers.

A great scripture is this: Proverbs 11:21 – The seed of the righteous shall be delivered. That sounds so quaint –the seed. Simply put, that is the offspring. Your children are your seed. No matter how far they stray – they can me living in Nepal; they are still your seed.

Are you righteous? Hopefully so, because now you have a platform on which to launch your prayers. A rather confusing prayer starts this way, “Lord I know I am a rotten sinner, but please deliver my kids.” Yes, God hears that, but how much better to ask God to save you from being rotten first and then praying for your kids?

Nevertheless, a parent’s cry God always hears. Years ago the father of a mutual friend was torn up because his 30 year old daughter had cancer. His prayers for her healing were heart-wrenching, and God heard. Today, 30 years later, I have no memory that the father ever lived a Christian life. But God still heard and the girl was cured.

You’ll not get anywhere praying with worry, fear or unbelief. All situations should be viewed as an opportunity for God to guide, correct, teach, etc.

Are you not seeking God because you think He will fail?

And you are not to pray saying, “I can’t pray because what if I fail?” You are not the healer, the deliverer, or the savoir, so that thought delete from your mind. You are praying to God not to yourself. So you cannot fail.

Job 1:10 – This is a very effective prayer for when we are separated. You “pray a hedge” around the person you are concerned for.  This hedge is made of thorns and when you put it around someone it helps keep bad influences away from someone. If the person is involved in the occult, with drugs, prostitution etc., that hedge should form a barricade against the contacts and the customers.

When I have been frustrated in a situation, especially when I’m unclear about the facts, I simply send angels. “Please God rush angels to the situation and have them act as you see fit.”

And how does this work? By faith of course. If you think your faith is weak go back to the Bible and get a new dose of juice. Faith comes by hearing and that by the Word Of God.  In fact, you can read it out loud to yourself and see if your faith does not increase.

Finally, one or two bullet prayers is nice, but pray often and then again.  God likes to know you are still on the case, and so is He.

Symbols – Mineral Kingdom and Given Names

The things of the natural world are a reflection of spiritual truth. So if you want to know truths about God or life, look to the natural world for evidence. For example, The Bible says whatsoever you plant that alone shall you reap. We don’t plant tomatoes and expect to grow avocados. Similarly our deeds are plants in the soil of life; we reap a life from our deeds, and that of others as well, parents, leaders, friends.  Bad parents, bad leaders, bad friends all influence our immediate world independent of what we do. And our lives impact others as well. Good associations have beneficial effects which frequently we do not realize for many years.

In the sometimes strange world of Biblical symbolism, things are upside down. The mineral world is superior to the vegetable and that is superior to the animal kingdom.  The lamb (Jesus) is sacrificed for the sins of the world, and those who join Him in heaven become stars in his crown.  Stars sing, which means they are personalities.  Living matter is brief whether man or elephant but diamonds are forever as the local jeweler advertises.

Diamonds are a symbol of suffering because they are formed under intense heat and pressure. The suffering is also hidden from public view.  Diamonds are very hard to locate and to extract from their mountains of dirt.  Dirt represents natural man.  It is not to be confused with “being dirty” unless the dream specifically says so.  Earthiness is not evil in itself.  It is just not a spiritual substance.  However, a dream in which you see the need for a bath means just that- you need to find out what you have been involved with that has left you soiled.

Keep in mind that dreams are about truth, and need to be looked into in that light.  We are supposed to take baths regularly, but if we have been in the wrong place with the wrong people, a dream might indicate to get rid of that association and clean up your act.  Taking too many baths is also not a good sign.  In Shakespeare’s  play Lady Macbeth repeatedly washed her hands.  Her guilt was what she was trying to wash away. Continue reading

How to Interpret Scripture – a Prototype Lesson

Please read 1st Samuel 25 in The Message which you can find free at Bible  It is a modern translation and reads easily.

There are at a minimum three ways to interpret scripture.  In this story the 1st, basic way is to recognize that it is a historical piece about David before he became king of Judah, Nabal, a wealthy rancher, and Abigail, his wife.  Anyone who reads a Bible can understand the meaning level of the story.

The second level is the interpretation of the story as a model for good and bad management, several other lessons about human nature, what to do, and what not to do and why.  The third level is the spiritual interpretation which you can read in a piece about Nabal.

Going back to level 2, we learn that Nabal (whose name means “fool” reminding you that you should name your children wisely) owns a huge ranch with thousands of sheep and goats.  Here in Texas you need 25 acres for 100 sheep so Nabal needs 750 acres for his sheep alone plus 10 goats per acre at a very minimum, about 1000 acres including some for the humans.  In Texas there is a privately owned ranch larger than the State of Rhode Island; animals need large amounts of grazing land and supervision is difficult.

David has 600 followers guarding Nabal’s land mass the final stages of growth prior to the sheep shearing when rustlers could steal unguarded animals or even murder the herders.  For this season David’s unseen army has been their protector, so he asks Nabal for proper payment for his services.  Nabal brushes him off, saying since he didn’t see him how does he know he has actually done his job?  Nabal could not possibly have known whether his land was being protected and by whom given its size.

Last year a man brandished a gun against his ex-wife who was hiding out in my building, on my floor.  I knew nothing of it.  You do not have to see a crime in process to acknowledge you are being protected.  That is why we pay our army and the sheriff even though we may never see results with our own eyes.  The very fact that we live in peace means they are minding our business.

David becomes incensed and resolves to slaughter Nabal and his employees.  Abigail, a wife who is no fool, gathers together a meal for David’s men and takes it there to prevent any retribution.  David is properly thankful and his men enjoy their feast.

When Abigail returns home she finds her husband dead drunk after a giant party, but she waits to tell her husband how she paid off David until Nabal is sober.  He goes into a coma – we can project here that perhaps it is the DT’s – and after 10 days dies.  Abigail then becomes wife #2 for David.

Here are the lessons to learn.

  • Just because you don’t see the protection you have does not mean you are not responsible for blessing them.  That is why we pay our taxes.  A workman is worthy of his hire.  The size of the payment was equal to the size of the job they did.
  • The blessing must be equal the task.  Abgail did not show up with 3 sheep and a few loaves of bread, but enough for the entire crowd.  We are to pay what we owe.
  • When the proper authorities fail to do their duty you can step in to compensate.
  • Vengeance is mine says the Lord. David’s hot head reaction was about to do him in which he recognized (verse 30 ff). This could have cost him the throne of Israel.  see post on vengeance
  • Recognize, as David did, that someone was sent by God to prevent his planned revenge.  David was having a testosterone fit and defending his ego.  Don’t do it.  God will make things right.
  • Nabal acted rashly and so did David. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  • Wait until someone is sober before telling them the truth.  I’ve used this on occasion and it works.  The person may not accept what you say but don’t waste good revelation on someone whose mind is damaged by drink or drugs.

Level 2 is where ministers get their sermon material, so you need not wait for them to preach – study it yourself.

The third level of interpretation is the one which looks at some spiritual truth in the story by digging into details.  I’ll cover that in another post on Nabal.

There is also a subsidiary lesson on the judgment of nations, about which  there appears to be little written. Nabal died after 10 days and ten is the number of The Law.  If someone died :under the “Law” that is without mercy or grace of God, the Law must be satisfied.  Jesus’ death satisfied the requirements of the Law, but we have traditionally applied that only to individuals.  But God judges nations too.

There are sheep nations and goat nations. One of my tasks for future study is to sort out what the Law requires for national status before God. We know that Israel is the chosen people and more importantly the chosen piece of real estate; we also know that the USA has special status and continues, in spite of its many sins, because she both protects other nations and is a zealous missionary nation. In 2012 there were 419,000 Christian foreign missionaries and if course many others inside the country.  Per capita South Korea has even more and she will be rewarded by reuniting with North Korea when the time comes.

The Bible states that “the iniquity of the Amorites” (Genesis 15:16) be fulfilled before God will judge them.  We, the readers, are not told how many days, weeks, or months it will take for “sin to be fulfilled” but we can be sure that it will be applied.  I’ve fumed over the fact that Syria has been allowed for so very long to murder its own citizens.  I’ve asked God to judge this nation, but it does not happen, because apparently Syria’s sin is not up to the brim in fulfilling the law.

Hence, 10 more days or periods of time, and 10 could easily be ten more years, or in the case of Syria, 10 more decades. I, as an American, am not told how long we must wait for Syria’s sin to be fulfilled, but if  I were a Syrian I’d ask God and if He revealed that, then I and my believing friends could pray according to the prophecies (1 Timothy 1:18) spoken over us  to bring down our corrupt government.  We do know that God tries to get every one out before He lowers His hammer.  Lot and his daughters got out of Sodom in the nick of time.  In fact he was so pokey the judgment rained down the very same day he left. Luke 17:29.

Abigail became the wife of the King of Israel as a result of her generous and also dangerous act.  Nabal had the authority in that culture, and certainly enough power, to kill his wife for taking family property to provide for David and 600 men.  Nabal’s coma protected Abigail, another blessing from God.

The Lord wants us to dig deep into His word.  We get to know Him, His plans, and Himself.

Hair – An Important Symbol

Hair as a symbol is badly misunderstood, or not at all, and very important. There are 2 main meanings in the Bible which you can apply to your dream discovery process.

First, it stands for a covering, either the glory of God or shame. Adam and Eve, previously covered with God’s glory, immediately covered themselves to hide their shame after they sinned. No one had to tell them to do this; it was automatic. Shame can also be seen in other coverings such as a beard or excessive makeup in women.

Psalm 69:7 Because for Your sake I have borne reproach; Shame has covered my face.

Adam and Eve used fig leaves as a covering. Fig leaves are a symbol of good works, a substitute for what God really wants. (I’ll write on the fig tree another time.) Later God covered them with animal skins. As long as Hebrews (Jews) were under the Law they wore beards. The shame does not go away until after it is completely lifted by the sacrificial death of Jesus. Hence, Christians do not usually wear beards. When a formerly clean-shaven man sports a new beard, you might ask yourself, has he recently sinned? Of course, in some circles today it is just fashionable. I’ve been told Jesus in heaven has a small trimmed
beard. Two children who went to heaven report this an accurate portrait.

A handsome man of my acquaintance came to my office sporting a new beard and I was so shocked I said, ” My God,” which ordinarily I never say as a sign of respect. I knew then he had committed adultery. Furthermore he and the beard looked awful. Later facts proved my reaction true.

Women don’t have beards so they substitute hair shielding their eyes; shamed people do not want you to look into their eyes. Notice the people on TV with hair in their faces as they testify before Congress. The covering says more than the testimony, which we notice is usually a dodge. Political pundits tell you – quite truthfully – that it is never the crime that catches the chicanery, but the cover-up. The word “cover-up” tells us the tale! And they are always trapped by it.

Excessive make-up is associated with a prostitute or perhaps excessive clothing to hide scars of which they are ashamed.

Psalm 44:15 My dishonor is continually before me, And the shame of my face has covered me.

Remember back in the 60s we made fun of teenagers who wore dark glasses indoors and at night. Baldness, in the spirit, means no ministry at all, although there are plenty of ministering believers as bald as an egg. Genes are not to be confused with the promises and symbols of the Almighty. Yes, we know they were often strung out on drugs, needing a guise to keep the narcs away but it also was a sign of shame.

The Islamic burka does that for Muslim women. They are hidden by the shame of their religion, as well they should be, one which ordains murder as a rite of passage to heaven. The “glory” of women is their hair, and since the word woman symbolizes the church, the ministry of the church is its glory.

1 Corinthians 11:15 But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.

Islam has no desire for the Church of Jesus to be glorified or seen, nowadays even to exist, all signaled to us by the covering of the women. Symbols like this can easily be interpreted in ordinary life. If reflects theology.

Notice how quickly your child hides something as you enter his room suddenly. What have they hidden, and why? Smart mothers see this. There are even more scriptures about covering which I’ll include at the end.

But hair also symbolizes ministry. This is a complex idea and probably a new thought to you. There is a good deal of Law in the Old Testament about hair, how long, how trimmed, when not to shave etc. It all seems quite arcane. But if you think of this having to do with God’s ministry through you it makes more sense. Hair, after all, grows by itself. There is not one thing you can do about it, as many a bald man has despaired.

The interpretation is that God does not want you tampering with your ministry, except under careful conditions. There are too many ministers (Christian included) who add to God’s word, or more often and worse, leave a good bit out. Neither pleases the Lord. He wants His word presented His way.

There are 89 references to hair in the New King James Bible, so obviously we can’t go to all of them. But take the time to look them up. Seeing that hair means ministry helps you understand God’s message, in this case, to mostly men who are the Old Testament ministers.

Trimmed hair is thrown into the fire – that means that you must be willing to see your ministry destroyed. We are not to hang on to even our best, divine successes. It shows our dedication. Or it may be a test. {If you do not have a Bible the web site Bible Gateway is free and easy to use. }

After a “time of separation” usually referring to a season of fasting, hair is sometimes shaved off and then regrown anew. This sort of thing happened to me. My ministry today is not a whit like 35 years ago. That old hair is gone. I am told that every cell in the body is replaced every 7 years, with the sole exception of the brain cells.

God promises that not one hair of our heads will be lost. That means ministry done for Him and in His name does not go away. I spent about 10 years working with inmates and victims of crime. Sometimes I look back and wonder if it “worked.” It’s God’s promise that He will keep these newbies in check and I need not worry.

This is a good promise from God.

Proverbs 16:31 The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, If it is found in the way of righteousness.

Silver is a symbol of salvation, just as gold means holiness. All those people that you led to the Lord are your silver-hair. You wondered what kind of crown you’ll have in heaven? It’s all those people you reached for Christ.

Philippians 4:1 Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved.

1 Thessalonians 2:20 For ye are our glory and joy.

Perhaps the most important scripture involving hair is found in the New Testament. How many people have fallen into a deep ditch over this one.

1 Corinthians 11:6 For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn. But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered.

A woman whose husband is not a believing Christian or who has fallen away from following Christ for some reason should end her ministry until he is straightened out. That is the symbolic meaning of this passage. I happen to know a couple where this happened. The wife did not accept that she should stop and trouble ensued for her until she realized this passage was for her. Her problem simply was, she would not accept that her husband had turned his back on Jesus.

Following this logic, we can also assume that a congregation that has a fallen minister should also wait until they get a new one before continuing the church’s work. Ministers do not need to be saints, plastic or otherwise, but neither should they have a string of sinful failures. It takes time to rebuild one’s reputation and that is best done away from the limelight or spiritual leadership.

Here are the additional passages I promised referring to shame and a covering. Look up Samson’s story too. {Judges 16} It is about hair.

Psalm 69:7 Because for Your sake I have borne reproach; Shame has covered my face.

Psalm 89:45 The days of his youth You have shortened; You have covered him with shame. Selah {Selah means meditate or contemplate on this.}

Psalm 109:29 Let my accusers be clothed with shame, And let them cover themselves with their own disgrace as with a mantle.

Proverbs 12:16 A fool’s wrath is known at once, But a prudent man covers shame.

Jeremiah 3:25 We lie down in our shame, And our reproach covers us. For we have sinned against the Lord our God, We and our fathers, From our youth even to this day, And have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God.”

Jeremiah 51:51
We are ashamed because we have heard reproach. Shame has covered our faces, For strangers have come into the sanctuaries of the Lord’s house.

Ezekiel 7:18 They will also be girded with sackcloth; Horror will cover them; Shame will be on every face, Baldness on all their heads.

Obadiah 1:10 [ Edom Mistreated His Brother ] “For violence against your brother Jacob, Shame shall cover you, And you shall be cut off forever.

Micah 7:10 Then she who is my enemy will see, And shame will cover her who said to me, “Where is the Lord your God?” My eyes will see her; Now she will be trampled down Like mud in the streets.

In conclusion, you can now have the information to recognize hair in your dream as a message.

Post Script: The scripture where the Lord says He knows the number of hairs on your head is

Matthew 10:30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Meaning – He knows the extent of your ministry which, since you can’t count your head hairs, means He knows more than you do about what you should be doing.

This post on hair has been the most popular one on this blog for all of October, and outstripping every other one even for this year. So I re-post it.

Dream and Symbol of the White House Breach that of the USA

This is a detailed dream and the symbolism of the security breach in the White House and its interpretation as a future of terrorism in the United States through Texas. It is long but for people who want to understand how dreams and symbols are interpreted it is a solid message based on current events.

Rick Joyner is a long time Christian teacher and known especially for his ministries to leaders in both the religious and secular worlds.

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The Least Understood Bible Passage & Symbols of Body Parts

It’s taken me four decades to understand this passage in Corinthians in reference to a communion service of believers. But it was walked out in my life in a dramatic manner.

1 Cor 11:27 Therefore whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29 For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. 30 For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep.

Sleep means to die in verse 30. To understand what this means, let’s examine what it does not say. It does not say to fail to discern a Christian, or a friend, or a believer, or a baptized person or the devil himself. It says failure to discern, not the Lord Himself, but His Body.

And who is His body? That’s us. But more importantly the “us” is not just Harold, Jenny and Roy, but to recognize the part of Christ’s body where Harold, Jenny and Roy function.

People totally outside the church of Jesus certainly know them in their stores, social groups and offices. But this situation is unique; that is when we as believers take on the garment of being “Christ to the world.”

About 40 years ago my husband walked in the house at supper and said, “The Lord told me that you are a liver in the body of Christ.” I smiled because Jesus had already shown me that. And in case you’re interested the liver is hidden and it does something no one like to see – filter out all the junk that goes through the body. In fact, this little blog has spent three years filtering out false teaching and corrupted understanding in Christian circles.

The liver is corrective. Livers do not add Christians to the Body of Christ; they don’t sing, they don’t run the front office; they just react what is passing through. As you can tell, I am not necessarily a popular figure. “Oh dear – here comes the liver. What kind of crap have I swallowed now!” they worry.

But enough of my complaints. Let’s look at this in a practical manner. To bring up sickness and possible death for some believer-behavior, esp. in the New Testament is quite rare. We must pay attention.

Consider what bodies have: Bones to hold a shape. Bones in scripture are symbols of priests, not Catholic ones, just people who lead and make the body upright. Then there is skin which symbolizes faith. Faith completely surrounds a body because it needs to believe for past, present, future, what is below the feet and above the head.

The lungs take in the word of God. My pal Jack reminded me that God only breathes out, never in. That is our breath too. Breath symbolizes Holy Spirit bringing in required oxygen which allows the body to exercise all its internal and external functions. That air is the immediate word of God, the ruach (Hebrew).

Human beings require air; spiritual man requires God’s present word to survive. We need a mouth, which symbolizes a prophet, eyes which symbolize seers (people who see) and ears symbolizing a group who hear the Lord. Hands and feet bring the gospel; they serve as mercy ministers and take the Body where Holy Spirit wants it to go.

The gall bladder removes bitterness, the kidney filters out water impurities, and the thyroid regulates the body. Have you ever been in a church or Bible study/prayer group where one person takes over? That is an unregulated group. That is a body that has failed to recognize the other parts of Christ’s body. And that is what can lead to sickness and even death.

Six years ago a church leader banished me from the meetings as a false teacher. I’d never been confronted this way. (Most people just avoid me if they have an issue.) A year later she ended up in the hospital three times with strokes. NO – I had not prayed against her.

I was just as surprised as you are. She had failed to recognize a part of His Body. Then later on a man who assumed some spiritual leadership in this same group, heaped contempt on me; I was astonished. Same deal – he did not recognize my place in the Body. After 9 months he was gone! The group rebuked him.

Then some other spiritual leaders started rebuking me for being “unforgiving.” They too had failed to see what was going on. As a 40 year veteran of the mission field, I’d never had any trouble seeing who was whom in a group. It’s part of the job.

God is just as interested in Fiji Islanders as he is Texans, and He is quite able to call and fit them into a Christian body in their home town. But friends in the American church had no experience with diverse people, ministries or God’s calls on individuals. I feel as though I have made a giant leap forward in understanding what God wants for the future of His People.

Clearly Church, we need to start making this part of the New Testament real. Jesus is not coming back for an unruly mob, a quarreling faction or a self-righteous bunch of over-educated, self-absorbed believers. He is coming for a team that knows, like a body, how to work together. That is our future.

Blood Sacrifice and the Symbolism of the Death of Seal Team 6

Dream interpretation, symbolism and visions are all forms of non-verbal communication (as are music and movies) but they contain messages none-the-less. Frequently we ignore them or spend a few minutes being puzzled and then give up. They need to be analyzed, identified and understood.

Certain basic rules apply. You don’t match apples with oranges; for example, a dream about an animal will not refer to a building.

The Judeo-Christian Bible is a good start because it is the oldest book on this topic and because the symbolism has been well tested over the years. A notable example which has modern application is the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham 3,500 years ago. (Genesis 22) It is the portrait of the later sacrifice of Jesus and a warning and example of why we are not to sacrifice our children.

Blood sacrifice is a long-standing principle in all societies. Let us apply this to a modern situation. Soon after Barak Obama ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden a group of terrorists “sacrificed” members of the Seal Team 6 – the group which carried out the assassination. Click this:Deaths of Seal Team 6 Exposed

This was not merely revenge but that provided Allah, their god, with a blood sacrifice. But who noticed? As far as I can tell, practically no one. But that is the core of any interpretation – the meaning of events. Islamic fundamentalists see this as a sacrifice to Allah since he is the source and destiny of their political religion.

Blood sacrifice, e.g. abortion, is a continuing factor in modern societies from the 13 million per year in modern China to the 4 million a year in the USA, and is a legal or illegal factor in most other nations. It is a practice going all the way back to the Moabites of the Bible who sacrificed to Moloch, the god of child sacrifice. God’s warning to them was that Israel was to wipe them off the face of the earth. Judging by the statistics above that hasn’t happened yet.

Since the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob does not accept child sacrifice, someone else does – Satan. The practice obligates us to him. By-the-by, he feels no such obligation to reward us. Our ignorance of these matters is of no concern. Like a small child who accidentally eats a chili pepper, the innocent act in no way affects the outcome – a burned mouth.

Obama’s flag (see Symbolism – What does Obama’s new flag mean?? contains a reference to the blood sacrifice which is a core belief in Islamic fundamentalism. – the voluntary death of the believer to please Allah and reach heaven with its carnal rewards. The horizontal stripes on his flag represent the 5 principles of Islam all won with the blood of martyrs, or of infidels. Islam believes and practices the theology which requires either the conversion of death of the infidels – that is, anyone who disagrees with them. Their martyrs’ deaths are proof of their sincerity.

Judaism and Christianity unqualifiedly reject this theology believing the blood sacrifice has already been made – for the Jews at their High Holy Days, and the Christians in the sacrifice of Jesus. That puts these two groups at the top of the Islamic hit list. Jesus warns (Luke 21:20) But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation has come near” so keep your eyes on Israel.

Islamists believe that they will rule the whole world. The fervor of the military mission is enhanced by their 500 year failure to make any appreciable progress. Other than infiltrating many societies they have not managed to establish sharia law in any but those nations already committed to Sharia. A culture that embraces death cannot breathe life into society.

Germany, England, and France originally welcomed Muslims but have changed their minds, seeing the obdurate refusal to accept any of the principles by which these European societies live. That Muslim nose in the tent was a mistake. And where Muslims have infiltrated they have not improved the society. They remain an isolated group, unwilling to change.

Victor David Hanson of the Hoover Institution ( has good comments on why this failure has motivated them to fight harder.

Back to Mr. Obama. Media people were puzzled that his reaction to the death of the ambassador in Libya was so indifferent. He reacted as though it was none of his concern. And truly it is not if he considers himself “resident” of a state, America, which will be subsumed into the Islamic takeover. He flies another flag. The following picture shows a non-verbal verification of this.

But he does pledge the Russian flag.

He and his wife do not put their hands over their heart when watching others say the pledge – they do not pledge. Their hands go over their right lung. They are citizens of another country. This is all non-verbal information.

The America flag does not appear when Obama is speaking from the Oval Office.

With that in mind the “terrorists” who took down the twin towers on 9/11 are actually just helping to bring about the world government of Islam. The terrorists, who attacked the embassy and burned the flag, were not burning Obama’s flag, so why would he stand by America and its employees? If the Terrorists are bringing in the new world government why would Obama, their new leader, condemn them? They are doing Allah’s will.

Candidate Obama told the Media before he was elected that he wanted a society of government control, redistribution of assets, which means rich people will leave and the remaining citizens left will be poor- equally poor. Mr. Obama has placed environment above the interests of people, poverty has increased, joblessness has increased, all part of the leveling process integral to Islamic fundamentalism. Like Marxist China, none are rich (except the rulers) and all others are poor – that is the meaning of equality. Equally in want. I worked and lived in China and that is what they have – and they don’t like it.

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