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Do you love them enough to tell them the truth?

It’s obvious that if we can tell ISIS and other Islamic radicals that crucifying small children and raping men and boys as they merrily behead their opponents is a sure way to hell, we ought to be able to tell the truth to others nearby.  But where is it happening?  

People beg to be loved – do not condemn me!

Everywhere I turn someone is complaining that their sin is being condemned, and somehow we (the believers) are  responsible for it, or at least guilty of some egregious “un” Christian sin by not endorsing their evil behavior.

Two lesbian mothers recently complained that the church is condemning them, and not allowing them in fellowship.  Shame on you – they cry.  What nonsense is this – that the spokesmen for God – the Christian Church – is now expected to endorse the sin of two whiny females?

They have no place to go to church.  They wanted to worship God. I suggested to them that they try New Age or the Rosicrucians or maybe even set up a little altar in their home. Why would they ask God’s people to affirm what God Himself calls an abomination?  Is the Church going to risk calling God a liar?

God gives no one permission to change His Word

Of course, I am over-stating this.  But Truth at the core of everything God says has not changed.  God’s people have no right or ability to change God’s word.  We can only defy it.  If we defy and deny, we put ourselves in the same boat as these women – we become anathema to Him.

Apparently many pastors are now willing to affirm homosexual lifestyles and even in some sorry cases to permit a homosexual priesthood.  That is a final slap in the face.  And to what end?  They want these lost people to attend their churches? And for what purpose?


 Pastors may think that continued sitting under the preached word will change hearts – but why should anyone who has his/her sin endorsed bother changing?  In fact the entire purpose of the gospel is that We CHANGE.  God doesn’t.

 Malachi 3:6 I am the Lord. I change not.

As the Supreme Court sits to decide on homosexual marriage the Church continues to have a duty to stand by God’s word and His Holiness. Franklin Graham said it best – When God changes His mind, I’ll change mine.


When you consider the way preachers have opened their arms to deny the Word of God, it is a wonder anyone is being saved at all. Once you let that horse out of the barn the entire stable can be let loose, and so folks bragging about adultery, or incest, extortion, lying, and you name it are happily joining to praise the god of Anything Goes. The Church has lost its way, and the congregation is lost.

And all because no one loved them enough to tell them the truth.

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