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Complaints about Christianity Being Divisive

Of course Christianity is divisive, and deliberately so.  Genesis One begins with God revealing his creation, that is bringing it into physical being from the ideas he had planned previously. Then He calls for light.  The third verb in this chapter is the word “divide;” He divides light from darkness and notes later that in no case will darkness ever overtake light completely.  Darkness has its place but it is defined.  Light pushes back against Darkness.

But God is not finished with division.  There follows Day from Night, Land from Sea, the separate heavens, men from women, and nations all with their own ethnicity and borders. At the end of the Bible there is the final division of the virgins with oil and those without, then lastly heaven and hell.

God rolls up the universe like a worn out garment and ends the entire thing. He and His creation move into eternal life. Seven thousand years, like a vanishing view in one’s rear view mirror, fades away in time and eventually is forgotten entirely.

Division gives us everything of value.  Not all people are alike; if we all were the same there would be only doctors and no lawyers, housewives and no ballerinas, cooks and no one to build kitchens or farm crops. In fact one of the devil’s chief aims is to make everyone the same.  Of course it doesn’t work because people hate being like everyone else.  Their DNA demands they be different because they are.

The science channel on TV informs me that there are 17 types of beetles in one state park.  I don’t care one bit about beetles but God does; He likes variety.  In all the talk about diversity we forget that God has created a wildly diverse planet, one that even today is thinly explored.

Complainers about Christian divisiveness are those who want to be included in God’s heavenly kingdom without going through the simple process; they want the benefits of God without meeting the regs. People are like that; most high school students would be much happier getting a diploma without having to spend one single day in class. We’d rather play than work or sit and schmooze rather than make something valuable.

It is not merely laziness, although that is a factor.  We just do not want to exert ourselves.  But salvation requires from us a response.  God is not a super salesman trying to force human beings to accept Him and His blessings.  He lays out the plan of salvation and then says, choose.  Will you divide yourself from your sin nature and take on the nature of the redeemed? If God provided for you a physical utopia would you ever bother with him? Probably not.

Teens who grow up in wealthy homes often have not faced the challenges they need to succeed in society; everything has been given to them, and life is too easy. The baby bird pecks his way out of the shell; if someone comes along to open the shell for him, he dies.  The pecking made him stronger.  Resistance training is what my doctor says will make me healthier.  I know he is right, but the gym is two miles away and it is raining! Mankind always has an excuse.

Beware of those who call for unity if it means that you must drop your principles and adhere to theirs. Conflict, when it is civil, results in better decisions.  Un-civil conflict, like a war, also resolves issues but it is a high price to pay.

God’s expectation of us personally is to divide ourselves from darkness, just as it says in Genesis One.  We separate ourselves from people and situations which refuse to change, or bring light into darkness wherever it may be. That may find you ultimately unpopular with some but it protects you and your family  in the long haul.  I was working at a restaurant where someone was routinely robbing the till at the end of the day.  I found another job and gladly left.

You can always make new friends.


God is the One who Divides

Political complaints frequently start with the word divisive. The implication is that this is something wrong. But a look at the scriptures tells us another truth – that God spent a good deal of His time dividing, light from dark, day from night, good from evil, and the major division of nations from each other.

Would that modern nations would keep their greedy paws off other nations.  Separate nations were God’s original decision and when the early humans tried to bring in political globalism, God divided them into separate languages.

He divides their tongues, in other words He pits people against each other when they are out of order. (Psalm 55:9) He divides foolish virgins from wise by checking their supply of end time oil. He divided the land of Israel into individual parts for the tribes.  (Joshua 13) There is no mention of Palestine or their claim to this land. Period.

Controversy is healthy. General George S. Patton said, “When everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking.” Arguing is unhealthy because it goes nowhere.

God separates the angels who defied His rule and sent them to Hell, limiting their access to humans and truth.

He divided the soldiers who were not astute and prepared for war leaving only a handful to fight the war.  But that way when they won the battle they knew it was God!

Solomon suggested that he slice the baby boy into two parts after the mothers were fighting over ownership. Solomon was wise; he knew the real mother was the one who would not harm her child. Division will force you to make a choice for good or evil.

He divided the Red Sea so the escaping Hebrews could flee Egypt.  Hebrew comes from a word meaning “to cross over.”  And that is what we do – cross from death to life either as Jews or Christians.

He said every kingdom that is divided against itself shall not stand.  There are many kingdoms in this world. Civil war has decimated some of them already.

He separated sheep – those who obey – from goats, those who say, “But, But, But.”

He said He would divide families too; some will follow Christ, others will not. To make a decision is to divide yourself from those who disagree. Decisions have consequences. You obey or pay.

The Science Guy says that my state has the largest varieties of flora in the nation. God loves diversity. Look at His creation. But when it comes to God’s Laws, there are no divisions.

The Bible says God hates divorce but He never says that about separation. Separation is common and often a requirement for progress. Paul and Mark separated, and the Kingdom grew larger for it. The church at Jerusalem found itself scattered, and the gospel spread like wildfire. Catholics and Protestants separated and the world is dotted with churches from the Fiji Islands to the Arctic Tundra.

God does everything except separate Himself from His creation. “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” He said. Prisoners may find Jesus standing right there in their cell. This is the mistake Deists make their mistake; they think God abandoned His work. But if you are paying attention you’ll find Him everywhere.

Some politicians plead for an end to division. No way! Why do they want unity? It may well be something we do not need for our society. We need make no deal with the devil. If a government will stick with what God wants (not God in charge as a theocracy) we will be happier for it.