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How to read through the Bible in a Year without losing heart

Print this out an place in your favorite Bible. Decide now that you will get up a half hour before everyone else and get this reading done before you start your day. once you get in the habit you will never give it up.

If you read the Bible through cover to cover, and I’ve done it often, you may get bogged down in Deuteronomy or Leviticus, so I recommend you start with the New King James version, which is the one most often quoted, and I’d read The Message for all the historical books, Chronicles, Kings, and Samuel.

Try to skip around the other books reading those chapters that have come up in discussion or a sermon.

Let’s say your minister speaks on Ben-Hadad.  He is a wicked King of Syria and Syria’s wickedness is at the top of our current news.  You can look up chapters on this man by going to Bible Gateway

If you get up early in the morning to do this, the thoughts you read will filter through your brain during the day and keep your mind off how broke you are.

After you read a chapter check off the number at the chapter heading. If you read 3 chapters each day and 5 on the weekends you should be done in a year. One Psalm each day will take 5 months. Now that doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

Remember 3 chapters a day and 5 on the weekends = 1 year.

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How to Buy a Bible and which Version?

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It’s gift giving time. That cheap Bib le with the small print is no one’s favorite.  You can do better.

The most accurate translations according to many are those of the Lockman Foundation; they are the Amplified version and the New American Standard.  If you are going to pay $75.00 for a Bible you want one which will last.  Larger print is good for both tired eyes and wide margins for writing notes.  After all, you can expect God to speak to you when you read His word, and you’ll want to record that.

Another standard is the New King James which has all the old, familiar words but old fashioned words are eliminated, such as looketh, thee, thou, many words not currently in use.  Unfortunately that also means you may lose some of the meaning.  Thou means one person and thee means you’all, and sometimes that makes a difference in interpretation.

You can also find a dozen versions in many languages on Bible Gateway.com.  Of course you can’t write on it!  But you can print it out with fat margins and double space for more notes.

The Message is a very modern, almost ‘mod’ version but it is also clear and readable for teens.  The Jerusalem Bible is a translation for Catholics which is good too.  Many Bibles have footnotes which are helpful.  A red letter version, Jesus’ words are in red, is esp. good for new Bible readers.

There are many denominational versions popular with particular churches such as NIV, Dake’s Bible, you can check them all for size of type and notes.  The Phillip’s New Testament is popular; he died before finishing the Old Testament.

A concordance is a must and you will get maps too most of the time.  Israel is the size of tiny little New Jersey.  That makes the Middle East War more frightening.

A leather binding is expensive but it will last a very long time.  My leather cover bit the dust after about 36 years.  In addition a large book with a hard cover is hard to read; pages flip back together if you put it down and it is heavy to boot.  So the supple cover is better.

Finally several Bible societies also print inexpensive paperback bibles, occasionally just the New Testament, but be sure to look for Psalms and Proverbs since these are popular with everyone. And you can find many Bibles online at BibleGateway.com.

If the Bible scares you, read the Proverbs 1st, or the book of John, or any of the little John books to get your feet weet  Blessings will follow.

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