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Our Logo describes the nature of truth.

Theology has all the beliefs in a little box. It all fits together, at least until new information or revelation comes along, and then we do not know how to fit it inside our box.

smallbiziconInstead, let’s start with the cross in the center of information – as Paul said, I preach Christ and Him crucified – and then we add, precept by precept and line by line to our personal knowledge of God and His working in the world. The little blue piece is that new idea which will free you to grow in God, both wisdom and understanding.

In 2011 we began by exposing worldwide English readers to modern apologetics. This unfamiliar word comes from the Latin – APO, out of and LOGOS, the word.

More specifically, Jesus Himself is the Logos of God, or the Word which God spoke to us, truth, life, and the way to behave and think in all circumstances.

Our principles are as follows:

♫ The Bible is a collection of 66 books over a period of 4,000 years. If there are any flaws, they have been largely worked out. It is the foundation document, and must be rightly understood.

♫ We apply Biblical principles to modern life, history, politics and culture.

♫ Each post is fairly short, usually under 800 words. People are busy and explanations of an invisible God need to be concise and placed in the mind for meditation and thoughtful consideration. You do not gulp theology.

♫ We invite questions.

♫ We look at truth as we sit on God’s shoulders, not down at the level of man, his problems, and his doctrines. From this vantage point, all information and revelation is available to us as long as we are prepared to live at the level of our revelation.

Seeing Life through God's Eyes
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